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Welcome to SwissPL

With two decades of experience in the Swiss watch industry, we've been crafting precision diver, pilot, and tactical watches with expertise. Our specialty lies in the production of custom handcrafted watches, spanning from exclusive one-off timepieces and squadron group purchases to company-branded commemorative editions. Additionally, we offer in-house design and development services for new watch cases.

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We create your custom watch

Your unique journey has crafted a tale of distinction, a narrative deserving to be told. We invite you to acquire a tailored timepiece, a reflection of your individuality. Now you can own a legacy timepiece, one that celebrates your milestones and commemorates your sacrifices.

Now, let’s design your watch!

Limited Series
USMC Scout Sniper Association
"End of an Era" timepiece.
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Special Design
Historic Metro Division 44mm Tactical.
Black / Blue watch case.
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Absolutely beautiful. If I were rating you in my squadron, I’d have to remark 'Exceeds Expectations — Minimum supervision required.'

LT Colonel Martin
U.S. Air Force

Love the watch! Exceeds my expectations. I’ll wear it proudly. Thanks for a very nice experience. Appreciate your attention to detail and always being available. You have a lifetime customer.

COL. J. Battaglia
U.S. Air Force

'Perfect is good enough!' An original quote which you deserve …. well done …. approved. Can’t wait to see it!

Master Chief Behr
U.S. Navy
ENJJPT custom timepiece

Limited Series

ENJJPT Timepiece

Design your limited series Euro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training Program timepiece to reflect your career.

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Made In House

Every timepiece is meticulously hand-assembled for its respective owner right here in America, utilizing precision parts sourced from Switzerland, Germany, Italy, and the U.S. From time to time, we embark on special projects and create 'development editions' – CNC-machined in-house and released as limited-edition works of art.

Remembering our Friend
CAPT Dale "Snort" Snodgrass

The real Top Gun. Legendary F-14 Tomcat Pilot, U.S. Navy TOPGUN Aviator, renowned Air Show Performer. The inspiration for Tom Cruise’s role “Maverick” in the movie Top Gun. An inspiration, and a dear friend.

Officially licensed by the U.S. Navy

We have been collaborating closely with the U.S. Military for more than ten years. Our mission is to craft exquisitely detailed, high-quality custom watches tailored specifically for Aviators, Special Operators, and other service members.

We convert your logo

If the graphic / plane you're interested in isn't displayed on our site, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We have experience transforming graphics and patches from various sources into wrist-art. We're confident we can translate your graphic, logo, or patch into a unique timepiece design.

Time for Your Story
Existing Designs
Explore our continually growing assortment of pre-designed creations. These previous custom designs have been transformed into readily available options for effortless purchase. Personalize your selection by choosing the case color, bezel color, and the type of watch movement, or take it a step further by upgrading with a fully custom caseback design.
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Wear it like Ron White

While our enduring collaboration with the U.S. Military and Law Enforcement is a source of pride, our expertise goes beyond creating watches exclusively for servicemen. We are privileged to work with ambassadors from a myriad of professions, each a trailblazer in their field. Explore their custom timepieces and the captivating stories they embody.

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