We are proud to have produced the 45mm Classic watch for Officers of the California Highway Patrol. These men safe guard the streets of CA at unimaginable risk to their own personal safety.

The CHP timepiece features the Thin Blue Line, middle of the dial, and the CHP badge at the 6-position; then each watch was personalized with the Officer’s badge number at the 12-position (which we have removed from the photo).

The casebacks were engraved with each Officer’s details, including rank, and ‘Years on the Force’, along with special graphics for each person, which signified their relationship to the job.

Finished off with stainless steel bracelet, with internal-extension system, and black bezel. The 45mm Classic watch case is constructed with helium-escape valve at the 9-position, which makes the timepiece water depth rated to 500 meters (1,640 feet), although we have tested to 2,000 meters (which is what our factory assured us it would reach).

Shipped in our beautiful black presentation box, mounted on thick black leather strap with white stitching (to instantly wear, while getting bracelet sized); watch was with a strap tool, a personalized flask (as our extra ‘thank you’ gift), and the welcome pack.

The 45 Classic ‘CHP edition’ watch commemorates their time and service to their community. Thank you for the honor of producing your timepiece collection.

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