We know designing your own personalized watch can be a daunting task, so we’re here to smoothly guide you through our tailored customization process. Please call us, or email us, to discuss your design ideas; or we can offer some suggestions.

After our initial contact, we will evaluate the individual design and production requirements for your watch. Once we are satisfied that we can produce your concept, we charge a $245 down payment [which is applied towards your total] to begin the graphics conversion and the design process. Once the initial mockup has been created, you will receive an email with your tailored watch design visual, for your review.

Once you see the initial mockup, we can modify anything you like and we will fine tune the design, creating revisions until we get the exact concept you have in mind. We use Swiss components; and the production and customization of each watch is handcrafted in-house, here in America.

The mockup revisions will reflect the changes to your design, so you can see what the final product looks like before you pay the full amount. Once we have reached the design version which is exactly right, we will send you the Production Authorization Form (PAF) for review and signature before beginning production.

Once the fine tuning process is complete, we will send you a Production Authorization Form (PAF) which will list the complete details of your custom project, including your dial print and laser engraving on the caseback [available on the CLASSIC and TACTICAL watches; the AVIATOR watch has an exhibition see-thru caseback].

You will get to review the entire project to assure there are no mistakes prior to production. Once you have reviewed and signed the PAF, the balance will be charged and production of your custom watch will begin.

The production time for a customized watch is approximately 12 – 14 weeks, depending on how complex your customized design is. We have a certain number of production slots available and schedule projects accordingly.

If you require RUSH DELIVERY, we offer two options for expedited production: Rush Service for 6 – 8 weeks [$245], and Priority One Service for 3 – 5 weeks production time [$499].

We run various test prints to fine tune the graphics output to achieve optimum clarity and detail, as we feel possible with the complexity of your design.

Our Production Authorization Form summaries your project. Call to discuss your watch design: 800-774-4980 or start your order here.

Production Process

The dial is only 30-mm large and we’re printing graphics at an average size of about 8-mm in size. Each color of each element/logo on your dial requires separate art work and printing plates, individual ink mixing and print alignments, multiple test prints and then the final print which consists of between multiple print applications per color with drying times between 5 and 10 minutes per print application; producing a one-off custom watch is a rather time consuming, hands-on endeavor. 

We will email you production snapshots of the dial and caseback so you can see your timepiece come to life. Once your watch is completed, it undergoes various Quality Control tests including Timing test, Depth Pressure test, Impact test and then a final Gasket Seal Vacuum test.

After your watch passes QC, we set up for photographs and then prepare it for shipping. You will receive the photographs via email; we are proud to deliver your personalized timepiece, one that is as unique as the stories you tell.

We take great care in shipping your custom watch to ensure that it arrives as soundly as when it left. We encase the watch in bubble wrap placed securely inside the watch box, along with heat sealing the watch box in a plastic bag to reduce static charge transfer during shipping.

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