Start your design.

Create your watch.

Customization Process

1. Down Payment

Deposit $245 to start your custom order

2. Design Concept

Send your graphics or tell us your idea via email

3. Initial Mockup

Receive a visualization of your watch design

4. Design Revision

Request free revisions until you love the design

5. Summary

Confirm final design and pay remaining balance

6. Production

9-12 weeks production time (upgrades available)

7. Quality Check

We make sure your watch lives up to our standards

8. Secure Shipping

Your custom watch is on the way to you

Start your custom order

To start working on your custom order, we require a $245 deposit, which will later go towards the final balance. This deposit is for conception, visual mock-up renders, and revisions until your watch design is precisely the way you envision it.

Unique to you

Not just function, but a unique piece of wrist-art: Own a watch that tells your story, celebrates your milestones and cherishes your moments of accomplishment. Each custom watch comes with a Swiss movement, handcrafted to Tell Your Story.

Guided Design Process

We will effortlessly guide you through our tailored customization process, regardless if you have a clear concept already or are just brainstorming ideas.

Custom To You

Once we receive the deposit, we will begin working with you to conceptualize the fully personalized watch dial artwork and case back design.


We offer additional customization options like bezel-ring color, metal military emblems, and black coating for the stainless steel watch case.

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