Detective John Burtis, LAPD

Customization Process Testimonial

Working with Alldaron and SwissPL has been exceptionally easy. The customization process blew me away, totally. I was absolutely shocked by the acute precision involved, and by SwissPL’s ability to bring my ideas to life so accurately and so quickly.

Now, sadly, my long suffering wife, who has seen me through so many surgeries, and our dogs will have a hard time sleeping because I’ll be pacing the floor all night waiting for this finely crafted testament to my experiences to arrive.

John Burtis [Detective LAPD, Ret.]

John’s story

We went the wrong way down Wilshire Blvd on a Monday night. It was a “shopping night”, Jan 22nd 1973.

Speeding along the busy street, my right arm was wedged in the suspect’s power window.

I hollered through the window, “Where are we going?!” She said, “We’re going home.” She lived more than 30 blocks away.

Several police cars were now chasing after us, one of which had a medical doctor as a special ride along partner.

I started working to free myself, and finally succeeded; falling from the moving car, speeding along at 55mph. My head hit the pavement first, without my helmet, and then I rolled 50 feet. It was somehow broadcast that I was dead at the scene.

In a coma for 72 hours: diagnosed with a broken C-5 vertebra, severe concussion, brain damage, amnesia, aphasia, and nerve damage, I awoke in a glass room in ICU, and it took me from January to August to fully recover.

The call went out on the pursuit and about 30 cars, including the LA Sheriffs and CHP, joined in.

She was stopped some 25 blocks later, still on Wilshire Blvd., when a police car drove directly at her and she crashed into a pole. They had to smash the windows to get her out.

The brass were worried that she might be killed so they sent a lieutenant code 3 to the scene.

She was booked for attempted murder, 217 PC, and later pleaded guilty to 245 PC: assault with a deadly weapon. She was sentenced to a lengthy prison time.

Me? I later retired IOD and I’ve had 16 surgeries including two cervical fusions. I’m lucky to be alive. Oh, what a night!

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