SEAL Team Six – One Shot

When the stakes matter, and the world is at risk, you call in the special operators of “Team Six”, and it takes one shot to change the outcome. We honor the proud members of the SEAL Teams with deep gratitude and reverence. This timepiece design is inspired by the clandestine missions which keep America safe. Deployed in a hostile place, there’s silence in the valley with the moon casting a hint of light, when a shot rings out from a U.S. Navy SEAL sniper, and drops an enemy combatant. This timepiece is built in our 44mm Tactical case in two-tone (stainless and pvd-black) with sapphire crystal glass and 24mm leather strap; the watch is water depth rated to 300 meters, which is 1,000 feet. This is a heavy beast of a watch. Look closely at the design and you can feel the atmosphere.

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