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Carpe Diem watch

Life is a fragile experience, and in the blink of an eye everything can be different. You have to appreciate this moment for the incredible value it provides, and not always say “one day” or “some day”. That day is now. To communicate this concept, we present the Carpe Diem watch; built in our 44mm PVD-Black Tactical watch case –…

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Official Tailhook Timepiece

We are honored and privileged to be working with the US Navy Tailhook Association to produce their official timepiece collection. The watches feature the Tailhook Association Logo, choice of either Aviator Pilot wings or Naval Flight Officer wings, and the Tailhook graphic behind the wings. The watch is then personalized to the owner with a customized caseback engraving displaying their…

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Valentine’s gift of appreciation

When you look over your life, and all the elements that make it worth the effort, recognize the synergistic value of your universal partner, your support platform, your significant other. Show her your appreciation with something she will deeply adore, for the rest of her life; not with some generic jewelry mass produced and sold in every mall, but with…

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GlobalView timepiece

Wherever your travels take you, to explore this grand world, the vastness of humanity, and the sights and sounds of our cultures, keep close to your heart the places of your origin, the towns you call home, the cities you find comforting. The GlobalView timepiece shows where you’re from, and the places to which you’re going.

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