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The Paths of Union

On a recent road trip across our Great Nation, with the vast landscapes of America spanning before my eyes, and the spectacles of grandeur rising from the horizon, I marveled at the multitude of cultures all melding together to create this amazing place we call home, our USA. When I went to sleep that night, I dreamed of various timelines…

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Isle Of Man TT

Announcing a special collaboration project with renowned Los Angeles artist, David Cook. He is a vastly talented painter, metal fabricator, sculptor, and all around sensational artist working with many varied mediums and formats. Unlike most painters that stick with only one canvas type, or one topic, David Cook spans a range as wide as the clientele he caters to. Working…

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Carpe Diem watch

Life is a fragile experience, and in the blink of an eye everything can be different. You have to appreciate this moment for the incredible value it provides, and not always say “one day” or “some day”. That day is now. To communicate this concept, we present the Carpe Diem watch; built in our 44mm PVD-Black Tactical watch case –…

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Official Tailhook Timepiece

We are honored and privileged to be working with the US Navy Tailhook Association to produce their official timepiece collection. The watches feature the Tailhook Association Logo, choice of either Aviator Pilot wings or Naval Flight Officer wings, and the Tailhook graphic behind the wings. The watch is then personalized to the owner with a customized caseback engraving displaying their…

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