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The SwissPL LumeDome has been a pet-project of ours for a while; here is an early preview. We’re developing a timepiece encasement that will supply the most intense amount of “illuminatory charge” to your watches; the end result are watches that glow with the shine of the Gods.

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Tailhook Reunion

Thank you Tailhook community for another fantastic event. The reunion was a blast. Familiar faces, new friends, and cold drinks – perfect combination. Since 2010 we have attended and for us there is immense pleasure in putting a face to the name of the owners of our custom watches; designing a one-off timepiece is a very personal endeavor, and then hearing…

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Corporate / Company Branding

From busniess cards to letterhead, from company shirts to corportate jets, branding matters. We offer companies the opportunity to produce a small quantity of company branded timepieces. From employee anniversary edition to corporate executive edition,your timepiece should stand out to tell your company’s story.

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F-14 Tomcat Timepiece

Designed in our 42mm Classic watch model, this handcrafted F-14 Tomcat watch is from a series that was produced; we have a few models left. Powered by Swiss quartz-analog movement with hour / minute / second hand. The date is located at the 3 position, offering easy view. The diver bezel is a uni-directional bezel with 120 clicks. The glass…

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Father Time Watch

Designed in our 42mm Classic timepiece, the Father Time dial is styled after “Old Masters” of fine art; a rendering of a mythical figure.To order Father Time Classic timepiece, call 800-774-4980.

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