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NAPOA Timepiece

To celebrate your career in law enforcement and your dedication to the NAPOA community, we offer the possibility to design a Swiss watch with your chapter insignia, your name, rank, badge number, years of service. This timepiece is one that is tailored to you, one featuring your information. Each watch is handcrafted with you in mind, with your story at…

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The Commandments

Some advice from our watch whisperer, and Master Watchmaker, Joe Urich. Never under-wind your watch [however don’t over-wind your Unitas movement either]. Never let anyone wear your watch… or use your fountain pen… bad mojo! Never put your mechanical watch on your alarm radio over night. The magnet in the speaker could magnetize your watch, not always but could happen…

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Art, Small Scale.

Not a printed sticker or some ink-jet decal glued to the face of your watch, this is art – small scale. Each color of the design is individually aligned and printed, one color at a time, to generate the graphics. Additionally each color requires separate art-film, and printing plates; ink mixing and color alignment; test prints and then the final…

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U.S. Flag Etiquette

When wearing the U.S. Flag Patch, DO the following: The American Flag patch is to be worn on either the right or left shoulder so that the Star Field faces forward. When worn in this manner, the U.S. Flag is facing to the observer’s right, and gives the effect of the Flag flying in the wind as the wearer moves forward.…

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