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The Story Unites Us

From Commanders to Officers to Admirals to Captains, the common theme is service to others, service to the greater good, service to improve our communities. The lives and stories shared shape our perception of heroes and acts of courage and instill in each of us the awareness of right and wrong. The paradigm shift in a society occurs when the…

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TeamSix One Shot Watch

The TeamSix One Shot timepiece is built in our pvd-black Tactical watch case with choice of leather or rubber strap; and on special request we can supply a carbon fiber strap. The watch case is 44mm in size with a Swiss automatic movement. Team Six One Shot Tactical Timepiece, make your mark known.

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The SwissPL LumeDome has been a pet-project of ours for a while; here is an early preview. We’re developing a timepiece encasement that will supply the most intense amount of “illuminatory charge” to your watches; the end result are watches that glow with the shine of the Gods.

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