SwissPL customization agreement for a personalized watch; terms / conditions / polices. By ordering a customized watch from SwissPL you acknowledge and agree to the following:

(1) standard production time takes, on average, between 12 to 14 weeks (barring acts of nature/complications); your order will be included in our next scheduled production run after the date of signing this PAF and payment had been completed;

(2) the graphics shown herein are an estimate of the final product; small variations in color/detail/clarity can occur during printing/engraving due to the size of graphics being reproduced and the variance between computer monitor resolution/color (millions of pixels) and printed resolution;

(3) the caseback is engraved by special laser etching process, leaving gray contrast which fades some with wear. Though we attempt to best align the engraved design with the “true 12” position, alignment can be off-center by a few degrees due to the machined 3-point threading of the case/caseback;

(4) the watch is covered by a Swiss industry standard warranty, for a period of 12 months; this doesn’t cover ‘wear and tear’, unauthorized servicing by 3rd parties or improper use. On final assembly we use a Swiss Vacuum Pressure tester to check the gaskets; therefore you agree that if the watch is opened by anyone other than us, the warranty is voided. Per our Swiss movement manufacturer, the automatic movement falls within a standard tolerance range with a timing accuracy variance up to +/- 25 seconds per day;

(5) all sales are final; this is a customized order built to your specifications and requests. By placing an order, production costs are immediately incurred through design and art-work preparation for the manufacturing process; therefore you completely agree that a refund (whether partial or full) will not be issued;

(6) once the order process has begun, we cannot accommodate any changes to the design. The mockup/description contained in the Production Authorization Form [PAF] will serve as the final version of the design and supersede any spoken/written (emailed/texted) changes not included in the PAF;

(7) you guarantee, explicitly and definitively, that you have all intellectual property rights, and other required rights, to use the text/graphics shown/produced on your bespoke custom watch. Any issues arising from the use of such text/graphics will be exclusively your responsibility to satisfy, whether legal or otherwise; and you agree to indemnify and hold SwissPL harmless of and from any and all claims, causes of action, damages and/or judgments/penalties/costs/fees arising out of, or in connection with, the use of such text/graphics;

(8) the mockups and photos of the design and project will be used in SwissPL promotion and advertising, and remain under sole copyright of SwissPL.

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