The watch arrived this morning and it is gorgeous! I really love it. Also thanks for your beautiful card.
With lots of hugs,
Marny G.

Marny G.

Marny G.

Just got the package today, it looks beautiful. Thank you so much for your help and attention to detail. A special thank you for the gifts. They look really sharp and I’m very grateful to you. Thank you for the hard work you did for me! Have a great week, I know I will!
Take care,
~ Jason Myrup

Jason Myrup

Jason Myrup

Mr. Knewitz and SwissPL, you certainly deserve the W-O-W award of the day for customer experience. Your responsiveness and flexibility in creating a precision, customized watch is refreshing in today’s version of customer service. Your interface and revisions have made it very easy to make the purchase decision for my commemorative watch. I am anxious to receive it, but know it will be a daily reminder of great times for years to come. Thanks again to you and your staff.
~ Greg Richardson

Lt. Col. Greg Richardson

Lt. Col. Greg Richardson

Thank you so much! We received THE watch!  Bob was completely surprised and said it was the most beautiful gift he’s ever received.  He loves it!  It’s truly is a work of art. And…. the beautiful surprise personalized watch for me and the flask was so so thoughtful.  We also loved the (bottle) openers! Too cool! It’s been a pleasure working out all the details with you and we will certainly be passing out your information / business cards to our acquaintances. All the best in your future and many blessings.
~ Jean Jeffrey

Lt. Col. Robert “BOB” Jeffrey

Lt. Col. Robert “BOB” Jeffrey

Alldaron… as an understatement, all I can say is “Dammmmmnnn!” Absolutely beautiful. If I were rating you in my squadron, I’d have to remark “Exceeds Expectations — Minimum supervision required.” My Bros at lunch today were “oohing and ahhing” but I could tell they were pissed. Tough.

I was debating asking you if there was any chance you could push up production, in time for my wedding anniversary, but I could certainly understand if that wasn’t possible. After 33 years in the military, I’ve learned that the surest way to not get what you want is to not ask the question. Then, lo and behold, your e-mail comes saying the watch is on the way. Damn, got my wishes.

LT Colonel Martin, USAF

LT Colonel Martin, USAF

Oh my goodness. This watch is super cool. It’s working beautifully. I love it. So well done. And the flask! Nice touch! That will come in handy. We are headed to Canada to ski in a few weeks for a long weekend.

CDR. Kalfas, USN

CDR. Kalfas, USN

The watch looks awesome! Can’t wait to get it. You have some incredible aviators wearing your watches. I’m impressed. Alldaron, thanks. Been an outstanding experience working with you.
Love the watch! Exceeds my expectations. I’ll wear it proudly. Thanks Alldaron for a very nice experience. Appreciate your attention to detail and always being available. You have a lifetime customer.

COL. J. Battaglia

COL. J. Battaglia

“Perfect is good enough!” An original quote which you deserve …. well done …. approved. Can’t wait to see it!
~ Master Chief Behr

Master Chief Behr

Master Chief Behr

He’s going to love it. As an aside, I got him a “vintage” Casio digital rectangular watch to replace the one that he wore in the 80s, and I hated more than anything. It is absolutely awful. It went missing about 30 years ago. He’s convinced that I had something to do with it, but I didn’t. Though I wish I had….;) He will get a kick out of it, and then I will give him this fabulous watch. Thinking he may ‘lose’ the Casio all over again!
B. Kalfas

B. Kalfas

Working with Alldaron Knewitz and SwissPL has been exceptionally easy. The customization process blew me away, totally.  I was absolutely shocked by the acute precision involved, and by SwissPL’s ability to bring my ideas to life so accurately and so quickly. Now, sadly, my long suffering wife, who has seen me through so many surgeries, and our dogs will have a hard time sleeping because I’ll be pacing the floor all night waiting for this finely crafted testament to my experiences to arrive.
John Burtis

John Burtis

Damn, Alldaron, your responses are incredible and timely. Everything is on the mark… on. Thanks again for your attention to detail and quick response. Everything looks great the way you’ve laid it out. Make it happen. Thanks again, Bill

B. Martin

I just gifted the watch to my dad last week for his retirement from the airlines and he loved it! Thank you for all your hard work making a one of a kind gift!
Michael Graham

Michael Graham

Michael Graham

I received the package last week, and with great timing, Peter arrived back in port yesterday for a mid patrol stop! He was so thrilled with the piece, and there’s a formal ship event this week during the stop that he was thrilled to have it in time to wear.

Peter will be leaving again to finish out the final months of his last patrol with USS Carney as Captain and changes command the end of April. I know he plans to write his own note as well, but thank you so much. This was the best gift to give and seeing his own design to mark his accomplishments was really wonderful.

We look forward to hearing that other friends consider your business also!
Courtney Halvorsen

Courtney Halvorsen

Courtney Halvorsen

My watch just arrived and I am so pleased with it!  I will show it to my pilot buddies and wear it at Tailhook in August. Anybody who seems interested at Hook I will also offer them a swig of whiskey from my cool (customized) flask. You didn’t have to do that, but I really think it is cool; it was a pleasure doing business with you.
J. Bates

J. Bates

J. Bates

Got it. Wore it. Love it… I couldn’t resist – as soon as I opened the box, I put it on and went to a baseball game. Now I have to go through the rest of the goodies you sent! Thanks! Just looked at the (customized) flask – that was a surprise and very appreciated. You took much care to provide a high quality experience.
C. Pellosie

C. Pellosie

C. Pellosie

Nice work!  Word gets around Naval Aviation quickly that SwissPL makes unique, quality watches that are stood behind with great service.
Keep up the good work.
Matthew Leahey

Matthew Leahey

Matthew Leahey

The watches were delivered today in excellent condition. The watches are beautiful, and I am very happy with the product. Thank you for creating excellence.
Edwin StJohn

Edwin StJohn

Edwin StJohn

I just wanted to thank you, and to review my beautiful custom SwissPL watch that we collaborated on and I recently received. I had waited a long time to pull the trigger on a purchase of a watch of this magnitude, and couldn’t be more pleased with the end result. It is exactly what we designed, after countless emails and renditions to get it exactly correct… attention to detail is what we call it in the aviation profession.

While I have only had and worn the watch a week, I’ve already been approached by others who admired it and requested your information (send my commission to… ha). I have also broke it in regarding lap swimming and can verify its waterproof capability and timekeeping accuracy. It really is a sharp, eye catching watch design and very reflective of my Naval service.

Again, thank you Alldaron for your time and effort in getting this watch done right, as well as your quality product.
Mike Bernard

Mike Bernard

Mike Bernard

Alldaron, you are one in-action human! No wonder you have built a first class organization delivering such high quality timepieces. I am really impressed with your receptivity and follow-thru in every regard. Nice going.
~ G. Richardson

G. Richardson

G. Richardson

It’s been quite some time, but I wanted to touch base and let you know my “Royal Maces” exclusive timepiece is still going strong and getting a lot of compliments. And it’s looking great in a Delta uniform. I’ve noticed that you’re doing more marketing in recent months. I may be in the market for a new custom watch. Tossing around ideas including the combination of a Super Hornet and my current jet, the A320. Nothing pressing now, just wanted to say hi and thanks for the great timepiece.

J. “Jabba” Abbadini

J. “Jabba” Abbadini

I have probably 25 watches, and I wear yours about 95% of the time.
G. Rhinesmith – USMC COL (ret.)

G. Rhinesmith

G. Rhinesmith

SwissPL is breaking new ground in the world of fine Swiss watches by providing custom individualized timepieces. My personally designed SwissPL watch glistens with Naval Aviator Wings and a head-on image of an F-14 Tomcat plane. After 30+ years and over 12,000 hours of climbing into high performance jet fighters, I finally have a one-of-a-kind elegant timepiece that reflects and captures my passion and profession. Classic elegance, that is truly unique to you, is what makes SwissPL stand out.

CAPT. Dale “Snort” Snodgrass, US Navy [Ret.]

CAPT. Dale “Snort” Snodgrass, US Navy [Ret.]

SwissPL is cool and rugged enough for a MiG-17 or A-4 Skyhawk, yet elegant and accurate enough for a CAT III landing in a 747-400! SwissPL, the Pilot’s Choice for a personalized timepiece!!

Michael “BUICK” Eberhardt, Commercial Pilot & Air Show Aviator

Michael “BUICK” Eberhardt, Commercial Pilot & Air Show Aviator

The watches were a great success… it’s not easy to get Fighter Pilots to tear up… all of our guys are loving their watches.

Preston Manning | TOP ACES

Preston Manning | TOP ACES

It looks amazing! Thanks so much for all the hard work you did. I just unwrapped it and am wearing it now.
R. Brown
F-18 Aviator, United States Navy

R. Brown

R. Brown

I ordered this watch as a gift for my boyfriend, and I am very pleased with the quality. The design quality of the watch is top notch, and the process was seamless. I was amazed with the clarity of the design on such a small surface area. The engraving also came out beautifully. The customization process was very easy and there is a very fast turnaround. I am very happy with the end result and highly recommend ordering a custom watch from SwissPL.

Jessica P.
United States Navy [Retired]

Jessica P.

Just a quick note of thanks. The watch turned out to be fantastic. I especially want to thank you for working with me when things didn’t quite work the first time with the design. You took the time to make some changes and ensured that the final watch was exactly what I wanted. Great watch and great experience working with you in getting it just right.

Dane N.
LT. COL. United States Air Force

Dane N.

Oh my God! That is beautiful!!!!!!!!! It is stunning. Love the strap too!!!!! The entire package is stunning! Thank you… I am speechless! Your work is without equal!!!!!! Not only is the design first rate… working with Alldaron was fantastic! His attention to detail is truly the best!!!!

Joe Augustine
Steinway Concert Pianist / Jazz Artist

Joe Augustine

Alldaron, I just received the watch and am delighted. For me, the significance of this unique timepiece cannot be overstated and I am grateful that you could repair it for me. The watch is universally admired by all who see it and I continue to tell people about your company and how satisfied I am as a customer.

Doug Bradt
Captain US Navy [retired]

Doug Bradt

OUTSTANDING! That pretty much sums it up. Just what I wanted to see… the back was great, the wings were perfect and you got the correct F/A 18. Thanx so much for the follow up! I’m showing everyone the watch! Thanx again!

Bill “PIRATE” Mills
President & Chief Pilot, Blue Sky Yakrobatics

Bill “PIRATE” Mills

I received the watch yesterday as I was heading out of the house, the postman caught me, thank goodness. My husband is ecstatic he has his watch back from full repair. Thank you for the rush in service! Thank you for everything, he is wearing it with great pride today and through our trip to our friend’s Change of Command.

J. Payne
United States Navy

J. Payne

Alldaron and SwissPL team; I received my watch last week and just wanted to thank you for an incredible timepiece! My Air Force retirement watch is awesome and I thank you guys for creating a true custom watch! Merry Christmas!

Eric Bulger
United States Air Force [Ret.]

Eric Bulger

I’ve been a watch aficionado for most of my adult life. As a young man I can remember looking at old pictures of Aviators, Soldiers, Sailors and Explorers, men and women of passion, courage and conviction. Though they came from all walks of life and applied their adventurous spirits in a myriad of ways, there was always one commonality I noticed….A wristwatch! Time is one of those elements of our daily lives that we are always subconsciously aware of. It is omnipresent and we usually find ourselves either wishing it would slow down or praying it could go faster. Yet, we quickly learn that it is something that we cannot control, capture or contain, only frame! I believe a watch should be a reflection of our personal style. More than just utility, it is an overt example of our taste, character and individual branding. Nothing sets a person apart more than a beautifully designed and precisely functioning, wrist worn, time piece! Thankfully, I’ve been able to acquire some magnificent pieces during my world travels as a U.S. Navy SEAL and Private Military Contractor. From Geneva and Milan to Paris and London, I’ve been blessed to acquire some masterpieces directly from the manufacturers. So you can imagine my complete surprise when I came across SwissPL in San Diego, California! From the moment I saw what they do, I knew I had to take my ‘watch game’ to a whole new level! With multiple models to choose from, SwissPL gave me the control to inventively frame my own story while skillfully capturing my brand. Their concept is not only daring, it is unparalleled! I am sure you will enjoy your creation(s) as much as I have relished mine.
…..Don’t wear someone else’s story, wear your own!

Chris Mark McKinley
United States Navy SEAL – Team 8 [retired]

Chris Mark McKinley

No fear putting your name behind SwissPL watches. They are doing really great work. I own one and it has been really a great addition to my collection. The time is spot on. Great finish and quality SwissPL is providing to the aviation community.

John Heller

He LOVES that watch and was extremely pleased with how it turned out. It’s one of his prized possessions. You guys make an incredible product, and everyone [at his Navy Squadron] is impressed when he shows it off.

Rachel R.

So excited to receive this beauty. Ordered it back in June from SwissPL watch and they did an amazing job. Couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out. The owner Alldaron sent regular updates and pictures for me to see the progress. This watch is a 4 year belated retirement gift showing my police and swat service. If you, or anyone you know of, is looking for a quality timepiece that you want to customize, reach out to SwissPL; they are amazing to deal with and make a quality watch.

C. Imperati
Down River SWAT [Retired]

C. Imperati

My watch is famous. I saw a Navy buddy that had seen the watch on Facebook and he said, “Show me the famous watch”… I was sitting on an airliner as he walked by. The other passengers next to me liked it too.

Michael E.

Absolutely fantastic! My watch has my wings, my call-sign “Frog” and a Hornet on the front, and looks great! On the back is engraved with an F-8 with the ACTUAL markings and number of MY airplane in VF-51; along with an aviation quote I picked out. I am really happy to look at my wrist, and remember what I did. Alldaron very patiently worked with me over some period of time until he knew exactly what I wanted. Before production I received a very accurate set of pictures showing exactly what it would look like. Only problem is that [now] I have to get watches for my two Army sons [as well].

K. “Frog” Burgess
United States Navy Aviator [Retired] / VF-51 Screaming Eagles

K. Burgess

The watch is perfect. Exactly what I wanted when I designed it. I have shown it to several former TOPGUN colleagues and every one of them have “oohed” and “awed” over it. A couple of them reminded me that Breitling designed a logo watch for TOPGUN; several years ago and commented that this was much better and 1/3 the price. Many thanks for your help. Best regards.

Steve H.

Thank you Alldaron, we have received the watch a few hours ago. Thank you for accommodating and removing the signature from the face. My husband is super thrilled. Thank you. Great doing business with you. May your business prosper and you be in divine health.


I attended Tailhook 2012 with my wife, my son, with his family. My son is an XO at NAS Lemoore. During the convention, I registered for the SwissPL watch give-a-way at their booth, and surprisingly, received an email that I had won! I never win anything! After choosing the design, I received my watch in December just before Christmas, and what a present it was. I couldn’t be happier with the watch, it is more than I ever expected, and the quality is outstanding. I recommend to anyone wanting the highest quality custom Swiss watch to contact Alldaron at SwissPL. You will not be disappointed.

Steve Phillips

For over a year now my F-14 watch has accompanied me every where I go and it has been accurate down to the second. It is and remains a Masterpiece of Watchmaking! Greetings from Germany!

Christian Karl

I wanted to send a review immediately after I saw the watch and let you know how pleased I was and excited to have it, but I decided to wait and make sure it ran as well as it looked. Well, it has been 6 weeks now, so I feel confident that now is as good a time as any to let you know that you did an awesome job! When I ordered the watch, I only planned on wearing it every once in a while, but I have not worn another watch since! I have been showing it to all my buddies, and know that a few of them have already started the design and order process. Thanks again!

Steve Cazalas
U.S. Navy Commanding Officer [Retired]

Steve Cazalas

Got the watch! What a beautiful piece of art! I’m nervous to even wear it! Thank you. [It’s] Front and center with all my proudest possessions!

N. Poloski
United States Navy Aviator

N. Poloski

Alldaron… Santa arrived!!!! Can not tell you how primo deluxe the watches are!!! The detail is exceptional!!! I know he will be blown away [with his]. I love the my new Mig 21 “Beast”! You were right the Mig in red is bad ass!!!

Captain Dale “Snort” Snodgrass
TOPGUN Aviator / United States Navy [Ret.]

Captain Dale “Snort” Snodgrass

My watch was delivered yesterday and it is perfect! A stunning work of art. Thank you very much!

JJ Mathews, United States Navy [Retired]

JJ Mathews

Just a short note to let you know that we were very satisfied with the SwissPL timepiece you designed based on my son’s specifications regarding the Naval Jet squadrons he was and currently is affiliated with. The watch was a great hit; thanks!

Erhard [father of Commander Krause]
VT-9 / United States Navy

E. Krause

I am absolutely amazed at the beauty and craftsmanship of this watch. SwissPL are a joy to work with and provide the highest level of professionalism. You will be very satisfied with the results of your custom made Swiss Watch.

Dr. S. Sadiq

You’ve got quality products! I can’t tell you how many folks ask me about my watch. I take it off and let ‘em hold it and look at the back plate with the engravings. They really admire the watch when they’re holding onto it. Great job on mine, great job on the one you showed me. You have a talent for watch making!

Michael C.
United States Air Force / MAJOR [Retired]

Michael C.

Got the watches, Alldaron, well done. These are awesome, glad I’m finally wearing one on my wrist. I really appreciate you making these for us, it’s a one of a kind. I’ll try to get some pics to send you tomorrow.

N. Smith
VMA-211 / United States Marine Corps

N. Smith

Wow! Except for my cameras, I have never owned something so exquisite. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Seriously I have never owned anything that nice.

Jose ‘FUJI’ Ramos
Professional Aviation Photographer

Jose ‘FUJI’ Ramos

I am so pleased with my personalized SwissPL watch [VAW-120 CONA squadron watch]. It marked a significant milestone in my career as an Exchange Officer with the U.S. Navy and also during the Centennial of Naval Aviation year of 2011. The quality of the watch is outstanding and [I] wear this watch along with the U.S. Naval Wings of Gold everyday now that I am back in Australia. Thanks to Alldaron for working with the Squadron to produce such a nice piece.

John Thornton
Royal Australian Air Force

John Thornton

Alldaron, you are THE MAN!! I’m sitting here gathering my thoughts for my retirement speech and the watch came in… THANK YOU! You made my day!! It really is beautiful! Thanks again! You definitely have a customer for life!

M. Cranston
United States Air Force / MAJOR [Retired]

M. Cranston

The watch was well received by me. Wow, the watch just looks awesome. The sword hands I find just perfect for the watch. I am very happy. Helicopter graphics and caseback are perfect and beautiful. Thanks for everything and the great work. I wish you continued success. Have a nice day.

Marc W.

Marc W.

Wanted to say how much I am enjoying my customized Marine Corps SwissPL watch. I am impressed with the quality for the price paid and I also appreciate all the assistance and support that you provided to my son as he was designing, ordering and purchasing the watch. Thank you again!

COL. Rhinesmith
Colonel United States Marine Corps [Ret.]

COL. Rhinesmith

Oh, that is beautiful! I cannot wait to give it to Marc [for his Change of Command Ceremony]! It will be a treasured moment for me and I thank you for making this happen!! There will be plenty of Skippers and Commanders around… I will definitely make contacts for you!!
B. Orgain
Wife of Commanding Officer
United States Navy
B. Orgain

B. Orgain

I received my watch as a Valentine’s Day gift from my girlfriend Christina this past year. I have three words to describe my experience with SwissPL: personalization, quality, service. A comparable quality of watch is only found with the most expensive of luxury timepiece makers.

However, with others, you cannot have the personalization that SwissPL offers. SwissPL went to great lengths to create a one of a kind watch that commemorates my love of aviation. Being a non-military pilot, SwissPL designed a custom watch face that includes ATP wings and my initials together with an engraving on the watch back.

I really found out about the quality of the watch after I brought it to a local jeweler to get sized. The jeweler raved to me about how he had never seen a watch of this quality, that was not from the “traditional” luxury watchmakers. His jaw dropped when I told him the price! You will not receive the same customer service that Alldaron and SwissPL offers anywhere else.

Christina and I are also always happy to receive the occasional message from Alldaron asking how I am enjoying the watch; and the service doesn’t end there. As I write this, it is getting close to time for me to send my watch in to SwissPL for a routine service check and calibration. Thank you, Alldaron, for an amazing custom timepiece.

R. Fogelsanger
Commercial Airline Pilot

R. Fogelsanger

Hey Alldaron! I got the watch sized and it’s my special occasion watch. I can’t get over the quality of it and I wanted to thank you again. Happy Halloween!

Matthew K.
Owner / Video Copilot

Matthew K.

I am BLOWN away! The watch looks amazing! I love all the updates you did, especially adding the personalization on the back of the watch! I have never experienced such spectacular customer service and I will never forget it! Thank you so much!

Tyler D.
Aviator / United States Navy

Tyler D.

The watch is absolutely gorgeous!!! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your assistance. I am thrilled with your work, AND your personal attention to detail. Most sincerely.

John Hope
Colonel United States Air Force [Ret.]

COL. John Hope

My Rolex submariner got hijacked! My girlfriend stole it. She said “Since all you do now is wear the SWISSPL, I’m wearing your Rolex!” It’s true; the SwissPL Classic is my daily wear, and my nightly wear.

Officer R. Duran

Hello SwissPL, my watch was given to me by my employer HP Communications, Inc. and you customized it with our company logo. And that is the LEAST impressive thing about it!! The way the watch operates and works is amazing, it has EXCELLENT craftsmanship and care in its construction. Thanks for my amazing timepiece that I will talk about for a very long time. Thanks!

M. Hines

Love it! Arrived just in time for my birthday tomorrow! I love the engraving, and LOVE the front. I am also very happy with the second sweep – the red tip makes it very sharp and easy to read the seconds.

K. Sinibaldi

I ordered this watch as a gift for my boyfriend, and I am very pleased with the quality. The design quality of the watch is top-notch, and the process was seamless. I was amazed with the clarity of the design on such a small surface area. The engraving also came out beautifully. The customization process was very easy and there is a very fast turnaround. I am very happy with the end result, and highly recommend ordering a custom watch from SwissPL.

Jessica P.

I wanted to write you an email to thank you and express my gratitude. This past Saturday, we gave my dad his SwissPL custom made watch for fathers day / retirement gift from the USMC. My mom, sister and her fiancée, myself and my wife spent that day on the boat and thats where we did it. I wish you could have seen his face when he opened up the box. He was shocked and completely speechless, that never happens! He loves watches and so when he saw the quality of work and started reading the paperwork you sent with it, he was even more impressed. He told me, “I am going to have to sell all my other watches.” I asked him why he had to do that? He said, “because I’ll never wear another watch again.” He is very hard to surprise and usually only likes things he picks out and shows us. That was not the case with this. He said it was the best gift he had ever received. After we gave it to him, he spent about two hours up on the boat admiring it and reading more about you and your company, we couldn’t get him to come back in the water! I talked to him yesterday and he said he got up in middle of the night just to look at it again. He has worn it proudly and will cherish it forever. He has already been showing it off to all of his buddies, and they are jealous that his kids got him something so nice. So to say I am appreciative of you and your work is and understatement. From the first email I received from you to the day the watch got in, you kept me informed and updated. Your professionalism and customer service to me was 5 star quality. The watch itself, its immaculate. I had been discouraged by a few people on watch forums saying commemorative watches like this are cheap and look bad. Man they were way wrong! Apparently they haven’t seen your work. I will recommend you, your work, and SwissPL to anyone and everyone. Thank you for all the hard work you did for me on this piece. Please let me know if there is anything at all I can do for you.

Zac Rhinesmith

I am enjoying the Classic watch very much. I like the case and bracelet, but the bezel was initially very tight. It took about a week of constant movement before it started to become easier to rotate. I do like the design of the bezel. It receives a lot of compliments! The dial is very attractive and the lume is better than most of the other watches I own at this price point. All in all, I am happy with my purchase and would buy another watch in a heart beat.

M. Garavaglia

I received the Classic watch a few weeks ago and I am highly impressed with the craftsmanship of this piece. I am a big fan and I thought the price was right so I had to have one. Excellent job.

B. Platt

I have bought two Classic diver watches (one for me and one for a family friend). Very happy with both!!

 Learned of the brand on the internet and was taken by the pictures and the testimonials. 

Now I am even more impressed with the follow up interest by you all.

 I will ensure to refer folks to this fine brand.

F. Duggan

Normally I do not give testimonials, unless the product is extraordinary. I knew the watch when I googled for GMT watches. It has all the attributes of the Rolex GMT Master II (except for the price), and I bought one with Pepsi red/blue bezel. This is a solid watch. It keep good time and is rugged. When I go on cruises, I bring it along. But when I really want to show off, I wear my 18k GMT Master II, the real mccoy. (Yes, I have one of those, too.) All in all, your watch is what I would normally wear. They are fine watches.

F. Tan

All my friends agree on the high quality of the GMT watch.  My collection is just fine, thank you for your follow-up.

J. Ravat

I like the Classic watch. The watch is well made and is very comfortable for its size.

K. King

I order the Aviator watch from your company; it is outstanding. It is without a doubt one of the finest watches I own. I get compliments anytime I have it on. Thanks for a great product!

Chris H.

I’m really enjoying my Classic watch. I’ve been a watch fan for many years and have a nice little collection, and I enjoy finding new Swiss made diver style watches. I saw a picture of the Classic on a watch forum, and from there I did some research and after reading all of the great reviews picked one up from your site. The watch is fantastic and I would say that after my Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean this might be my favorite watch. I also enjoy the fact that its fun to tell my friends about this great brand that I’ve discovered. I think that my next watch will be one of your GMT models. Keep up the good work, your watches are stunning.

L. Montorio

The watch is great. Love how it turned out. Wearing if already. Plan to go to a jeweler to get the metal band put pm today.

M. Leahey

Thank you so much for the wonderful watch. I have attached a few pictures of me wearing the Aviator. The watch is a perfect match for the USAF T-6 Texan II. I am learning to be a T-6 instructor pilot who will teach new pilots to become professional Air Force Aviators and Officers. I’ve worn the Aviator daily since it arrived. Everything from the engraved plaque, the collectors box, the wrapping, the case, the crown, everything has been terrific. I’ll even “wind the watch” sometimes while flying with my gloves on, and I know why the crown is designed the way it is… for the grip required with gloves on. The lume is great at night while out-and-about in town. I have received many compliments about how good looking of a watch it is. I explain to the other pilots about the heritage of the watch and that brings a greater appreciation for what a magnificent piece of artwork the watch is. I wear the watch while flying and the timing and accuracy is amazing. We need good accuracy for the time hack at the start of our briefings, our “step time” leaving the squadron to pre-flight the jet, formation check-in, and takeoff times. The beauty of the watch and the elegance of the design correlate well to the heritage of the propeller aircraft I fly now. Our T-6 is very similar in handling to WWII era aircraft with the same power to weight ratio. I was wearing the watch while “cloud chasing” other day in formation and was thinking about the pilots before us who wore a the historic Nav-B and felt an even stronger connection to aviation’s past heroes. Thank you for making such a wonderful watch!

S. Freedman

I am vey happy with the watch. I have received lots of compliments. The quality is excellent and the watch is very readable. The leather watch band is also of excellent quality. I will tell my friends about the watches and fantastic service. Good old fashioned service is hard to find.

A. Henderson

I would like to say well done on your products!!! I have purchased multiple Classic watches! Mostly for gifts. The response has been amazing! The recipient has always been blown away by the quality and the look. Thanks again and keep up the good work!

Sheldon S.

When I received the watch, it was packaged very well. I opened the box and saw this marvelous presentation box. I don’t usually see this kind of box from watches at this price point. My first glance at the watch is wow! It really rocks. It is a big watch therefore so easy to read the time; love the fact that luminova is applied on every small indexes as well as seconds hand. Strap is thick and become softer after couple of wears, I just love this watch.

Don M.

Received my new Classic, and its great. It has the fit and finish of a much more expensive watch. Things to look for. The bracelet for one is tops; for you guys with big wrists, and I have a 8 1/2, their is room to spare, the quality, with the screwed links and solid end pieces, is better than the bracelets on all of of my other watches including my Tag Heuer. I like the caseback also, as it is a nice smooth design and very comfortable on the wrist. Another plus, for me anyway,  the magnifier, is one of the few that I can actually read the date without putting on my glasses. I love this watch, you can’t beat it.

C. Sohns

I wanted to wear the watch for a few weeks before commenting on it. I love it; the size; the unmarked dial; the strap thickness; the bright lume. I have admired the Big Pilot watch for years but couldn’t justify the expenditure. The Aviator watch is perfect for me. purchased an extra long strap that is perfect. Now all I need is a pre-V buckle to match the scale of the watch and strap. My favorite watch for the past 15 years has been a Breitling. It has been supplanted by the Aviator timepiece.

Garrett M.

Everything is going great with the watch. I have always wanted a Swiss automatic, and this watch fits the bill perfectly. The style is equally casual and dressy. The movement is slowly breaking itself in. Accuracy improves daily. I intend to get it regulated after about a month, the ETA movement should be easy enough to find a qualified watchmaker to do it. I am incredibly happy with the watch and look forward to moving up to a GMT someday. You will be my first choice when that day comes. Thanks so much for making such an excellent watch!

S. Lindstrom

I have received my Aviator, I’m thoroughly in love with it. My Breitling (Colt SuperOcean Automatic), TAG-Huer (Limited Edition Monaco), Omega (50th Anniversary Speedmaster “Moon Watch”) and Rolex (Stainless/Gold Submariner) have all been benched to make room for this new starting-player!!! I was quite impressed. I don’t know what I will get for my birthday, or for Christmas, but right now, it’s like a proverbial “Christmas in July”. Thanks again. I will be making another purchase from you in the future.

C. Smith

This is my third watch and my second Aviator I purchased from you. One was a black face Unitas and the second was the orange faced. I’m wearing the Classic black face 42mm right now. All three are great watches. My friends that have seen them have purchased from you as well. Keep making great watches at a great price!

C. Case

I ordered one watch about 3 months ago,  the Aviator Unitas pilot’s watch. I was so impressed with it that I ordered a Tactical with orange markings after that. I enjoy wearing both watches tremendously, and they compete successfully for wrist time among my collection. I’m very satisfied with the quality of the watch and the band on both models. I suspect they will not be my last purchases. Do you have any statistics about how many purchasers are repeat customers? I would suspect it’s higher than average. Do you have any plans to issue a Chronograph model?

D. Hickson

Received my Aviator, it’s exactly as promised. The presentation box was even richer looking than on the website. Once inside, I found my watch was ticking away waiting for me. That the watch was large was no surprise but the wrist presence and quality that the Aviator has is amazing to me. Friends have commented on the size, beauty and unique “naked” elegance of the watch face. What small misgivings I initially had about the large crown digging into my hand proved groundless as the watch is very comfortable to wear all day. Since it arrived I have been wearing it exclusively and at every opportunity I’ve had to check it, the Aviator has been within 10/15 seconds of the official “” reading. I suppose that this accuracy surprises no one familiar with the Swiss Unitas movement but it was nevertheless very gratifying to me, a novice to this movement. For some time I had planned on ordering a Classic and I may still some time soon but the Aviator was just too unique a watch to pass up. My hope is that everyone else who has ordered this extraordinary piece is as pleased with their purchase as I continue to be. Congratulations on a real winner and a personal thanks from me for completely exceeding my expectations.

Tim F.

First of all, let me just say that your company reputation goes before you, and expectations were met and surpassed by your customer service. I bought the watch as a gift for myself, as I am just about to complete the last part of my Bachelor of Engineering degree and felt I deserved something to celebrate. As such (and crazy as this might sound) I have actually only checked the watch very briefly to ensure everything was ok before placing it in the extremely safe hands of my brother, who is retaining it so I can fully enjoy it once that last exam is complete. I am actually going on holiday down to the Formula Grand Prix in Monaco on the same day that course ends, and to celebrate, the Classic watch will be on my wrist enjoying the sun, sea and motor racing with me! Many thanks.

Graham W.

WOW! Received the Classic today and what a beautiful timepiece. Case fit and finish is brilliant and the deal, service, communication and shipping were all first rate. Highly recommended seller and product. Thanks – this will be the first of many!

I. McEwan

It has been over one year now that I purchased a GMT with red/blue bezel. I have nothing but high praise for the timepiece. The movement keeps excellent time; the appearance makes a bold statement. One is quite aware they are wearing a true timepiece on the wrist. The customer service, every one I emailed or spoke with was a true professional. Thank you for producing an exquisite, yet masculine timepiece that can stand up to any High End Swiss Watch Manufacturer. Indeed, anyone that purchases a SwissPL will be very impressed!

L. Joseph

I’d like to start out by telling you that this is an impressive watch. I’ve had mine about seven months and I’ve put it through a wringer. It’s been everywhere around the world with me. Regardless of temperature, altitude, humidity… it keeps dead on time, and I’ve actually recorded zero time loss over a seven day period (I used the USN master clock for time hacks). It has held up well and it looks great. I’ve caught people paying more attention to the watch on my wrist than what I’m saying or doing. I have a few bands that I’ve mixed and matched with the watch (very easy swap-out by the way), but I still keep coming back to the stainless band the watch came with. I have one observation/suggestion; a bi-directional bezel spring would be icing on the cake. I tend to travel east and west over several timezones and spend a bit of time in each. It would be easier on me to set the GMT timezone function on the bezel if I could rotate it clockwise/counter-clockwise. I believe it would be a very nice touch that would set your GMT further apart and ahead of everyone else. I’d like to thank you again for the work your company does with these watches. I often have to put a great deal of trust in the reliability and accuracy of my watch and I’m glad I wear SwissPL.

J. Muniz

Alldaron… I received the watch today and WOW… much more than I expected. What a beast!! The Tactical will be next for my collection.

P. Harvey

Many thanks for the prompt receipt of the watch – Alldaron really came up trumps! I like the watch so much I’m going to keep it myself! Ironically I’m becoming an American tomorrow, so I will wear it to the ceremony and send you a picture with a glowing testimonial. Heres to many more watches in the future.

S. Burdin

I just received my new Classic watch. I just could not wait. I am glad I did, for the watch is worth every penny and more. Feel assured that you have an advocate of your brand in the Dominican Republic.

O. Luna

The Aviator watch I purchased is excellent. I have greatly enjoyed the look and feel of it over the past few months and am definitely planning on being a repeat customer. The size and style are exactly what I was looking for in a watch and the blued hands were the perfect finishing touch. I originally saw the Aviator watch a while back but figured it would be out of my price range for a new watch, however I couldn’t resist such a great deal for a watch I had admired for so long.

C. Tang

I am thinking of purchasing another watch from you wonderful people. I am looking at the Classic 42mm. This is the best timepiece I own. Your service is top notch, I appreciate all the care and attention you have provided me. Thank you.

T. Nelson

I have been looking at your watches for some time and finally got my first watch, a 44mm Aviator. I received a well constructed instrument…. clean… that speaks quality timepiece. At this time I’m enjoying it. You will hear from me about my experiences in the field with my new toy.

M. Maldonado

The Tactical is an absolute stunner! I received my watch last week and I am absolutely ecstatic!!! What can I say? Where to begin? First and foremost is the customer service; you were very helpful, so pleasant, and made the whole experience not only memorable but fun too!!!! I appreciate the patience and kindness! I love my Tactical, it far exceeded my expectations and really is a stunner! I presented it at my birthday dinner and everyones initial expression was WOW!!! All agreed it was unique and a real eye catcher, and it’s still catching my eye. Now there is only one question left in regards to SwissPL… which one do I get for my next birthday party? Thanks for creating such a beautiful timepiece that complimented and enhanced a wonderful day!

M. Bardoci

My watch is great! It was worth the wait. I heard about you from Zane Lamprey of Three Sheets (Big Fan!).

Jeff B.

I’m the proud owner of your Aviator and I think its a terrific watch. Your Tactical (PVD Black) has now caught my attention and I’d like to purchase it. I’m on your mailing list and from time to time you have discount offers. I’m wondering if there may be any of “scratch & dent” models available in the Tactical or if you plan on offering them as part of an upcoming sale.

M. Warning

Excellent Dive Watch! I ordered the Classic and when it arrived it looks perfect! Keeps very good time (+ 5 to 7 secs) a day, which I think is just fine. Now I just need to get my wife to buy me a Tactical with orange hands and I’ll be set.

N. Williams

Best timepiece I’ve owned. I bought my 42mm Classic in February, after checking out some reviews on various forums. Ordinarily I would not have bought a watch of this price online, but I was quite comfortable buying from SwissPL as the feedbacks were so incredible, not only in praise of your watches but of the uncommonly great customer service. Well, I can’t really add much to what has already been said about SwissPL, other than it is all true. My purchase went very smoothly, and there were no problems. After all the hype I’d read, I was somewhat nervous that I could possibly have been expecting too much, and that when my Classic arrived, I might be let down from having too high an expectation. I need not have worried, because the watch is awesome and made to a very high standard indeed, so I could not be happier. I live in Australia, and the exchange rate wasn’t very favorable for me, so it was rather expensive. If exchange rates are likely to be a problem for you, it shouldn’t be, because the Classic is a timepiece that easily matches the quality of watches that cost 5 times as much; so it is nonetheless fantastic value for money. I know this is the case because I also own some well known “luxury” brands like Breitling and Tissot, and my SwissPL watch matches, if not betters, these for quality. I have a feeling that my relationship with my Classic is going to be a long one. Would I buy a SwissPL watch again? Yes I would, in a heartbeat.

Bruce T.

Thank you for the follow up. I heard about you from a vintage watch restoration person. He has a Classic that he uses daily. He was referred by a watch collector that has several of your watches. Personally, I believe the Tactical to be your most original watch creation. You can find similarities between almost any watch but I find this one to be the most original of the line. I believe the build quality, design, straps to be of great quality, especially for the price. I’ve been happy to wear it and get many folks noticing it. It’s my big watch. I’ve been very happy with the quality.

S. Maney

I purchased the 44mm Aviator with the Unitas manual wind mechanism and I must say that when I opened the box I was very impressed. The watch dial is minimal yet impressive. The strap is beautiful and the buckle is a solid piece of metal. I can’t say enough about the Unitas movement. It is absolutely beautiful! The decorations on the plate and bridge are fantastic. The blued screws, red jewels and perlage blend beautifully to show off like a masterpiece. Every time I wear the watch I get great complements from friends, colleagues and strangers! This watch is a steal for the price!

L. Fraser

I am loving the watch. Thanks so much for sending the presentation case and extra straps. I heard about you from a friend of mine. I work in the racing circuit and do an introduction to everyone who goes through the program. The large face on the Aviator is great for timing my presentation and has received many comments so far. This watch will probably get quite a bit of attention as I speak to nearly 25,000 people each year who will be seeing it at the program.

C. Raches

I’ve been a customer since I purchased a few years ago. The clean simplicity and the quality I’ve already experienced, put it at the top of my list. It was more striking than I’d expected and has quickly become one of my favorites.

W. Manduca

The watch is doing great. It’s getting a lot of wrist time. You have great customer service! This is both my first mechanical watch, and my first watch from you. I’m a hobbyist at heart and I really like to get into things and here is my developing watch-hobbyist opinion – the Tactical is unique and very attractive. It’s very masculine and I really do hope that it calls some attention to itself because I am proud to wear it. I love the classic silver case (rather than the PVD version) as well the extra legible black face. Silver and black; hard to go wrong with that. I have gears turning in the back of my head about all the different strap options that will compliment this watch. The number font on the face is attractive and appropriate for a large handsome watch like this. Nothing is over done or over the top. This watch is tasteful! I really dislike when things are taken a little too far, and seem to try a little too hard (e.g. some, not all, welder watches come to mind). Buy a Tactical! That said, it is a large watch no doubt. I have a 7.5 inch wrist and like I said, large yet nicely within aesthetic reason. Haven’t yet, but I imagine it would wear very nicely in the office, especially with a nice brown gator strap. For those who haven’t worn a watch and strap this size, the strap takes about a week to become very comfortable (not unique to the Tactical but good to know) and now my Tactical hugs my wrist as well as any other smaller watch I own. I don’t know its weight and I’m not thinking about it while I am wearing it. Could be just me but it’s a perfectly comfortable watch. It’s a really nice looking watch! It’s refreshing to wear something without one of ‘those names’ on it. It brings a smile to my face when I put it on before running out the door. What can I say! Very nice! I found out about you during an all out Google hunt for a nice watch.

D. White

I appreciate and enjoy learning about quality, unique timepieces and probably came across your brand while researching watches online. 

I kept coming back to your website to learn about your collection and found myself reading countless positive customer reviews. Eventually I found myself on watch forums and finding devotees praising the quality of your watches and service. 

The Tactical eventually caught my eye, and I can say I was not disappointed at all. In fact, I was impressed. I have a number of watches, with one of my favorites being a Ball Hydrocarbon Magnate – a fine timepiece, in my opinion. It’s not been replaced by the Tactical, but they’ve both been getting equal wrist-time. 

I appreciated the style, build and accuracy of the Tactical so much that I took advantage and ordered the 44 mm Aviator. Again, not disappointed in the least. A beautiful, solid watch. Now my Ball is having to compete for attention, I’m afraid. In fact, I noticed that it actually wound down for the first time since I purchased it a year ago. 

I’ve been checking the accuracy of all three watches against, and they’re each consistently spot on. It’s still early days for my two watches, but so far I am very pleased with them and anticipate enjoying them for many years. 

I hope that your team will continue to develop new models that help establish you as a unique brand, and that you’re able to do that while remaining true to your mission of offering quality watches at affordable prices. 

Keep up the good work.

G. Austin

I now own 3 of your watches and love them all. I haven’t worn my Breitling Super Avenger, Rolex, Panerai or Cartier watches in a while because I’m too occupied wearing your watches! Let me know when you’re coming with more new styles and keep up the great job!

J. Bowdoin

The Aviator has become one of my favorites timepieces. The watch is just beautiful and very comfortable to wear. The fit, finish and movement is a work of art. I even picked up additional straps that in my opinion raises the bar on this amazing timepiece. Also, I was lucky enough to pick a Classic which I’m wearing right now as I type this note. This one I will be wearing it all week. Thank you for bringing these amazing and beautiful pieces at such prices. Believe me you have a customer for life. I’m now waiting for another opportunity with your other collections. Keep up the great work!

D. Benitez

I have been wanting to buy an Aviator watch. I saw a watch enthusiast showing off his on the internet. I knew I had to get one. When I received the watch, its quality and craftsmanship exceeded my expectations. The watch is excellent.  The quality is comparable to watches more expensive in value. People who know about watches, and have seen me wear the watch, have positive feedbacks about the looks and the quality. I am a very happy customer.

N. Dayrit

The watch looks good and solid. Timekeeping is good, about 10 seconds gained per day. Definitely the price is a factor in me buying this watch. With other watches at this price range, I would definitely get yours. I have been using it on a daily basis this past 3 weeks. The 44mm is a perfect size to my 6.25 inch wrist. I had to punch an extra hole in the strap to get it to fit.

A. Camara

I really like my Tactical and have received many compliments on it. Looking to get another watch soon. I heard of your brand from a fellow customer. He has 2 watches and loves them. Thanks.

Charles K.

I just got the Aviator 44mm Unitas yesterday, and let me just say it’s AWESOME! The look of the watch and quality is simply amazing! I purchased the package deal that comes with the display box, extra strap and strap tool.

A. Ip

I bought an Aviator from you last year, I gotta say, your watches and the customer service that I have received are TOP NOTCH, the best of the best. As for my recent acquisition the Tactical, I am loving it, what a great watch and I actually am wearing it today.

S. Golden

I’m really enjoying wearing both my new Coke GMT and the Classic watches, they are great! I read about your watches in the magazine and decided to order one and give it a try.  After I ordered my GMT I realized the quality was superb so I ordered my Classic a few weeks later and have been alternating wearing them ever since. At some point I would like to order one of the Aviator series watches, so if you run a special on any of the Aviator series watches, please let me know.

J. Renzi

I’m loving my 44mm Aviator! I picked the Unitas and it surpassed my expectations. I wasn’t sure how I’d like the fact that I’d have to wind the watch, but it’s a non issue because of the power reserve. When I received the watch I was very impressed with the presentation. It was typical of a watch 5 times it’s price! Plus, you were nice enough to send me an extra strap. I must say that the Aviator has found its way into my daily rotation. It’s there with watches that cost much more, but that doesn’t mean they’re of any higher quality – the Aviator is one awesome machine. I think my next watch will be the Classic. That bad boy is awesome! I’m really really enjoying this watch. It doesn’t wear as big as I thought it would, and that’s a good thing actually.

N. Reagan

I’m very pleased with my watch. It’s my entry into the Aviator watch field. I’ve purchased only Panerai over the last seven years, so this was a bit easier on the pocket book. The first thing I did after receiving it was order a custom strap. It hasn’t arrived yet, and I’m not wearing the watch until it is delivered. The strap will be 27x26mm with a 26mm buckle. This hopefully will make up for the 22mm inside lug measurement. The case finish, bezel fitment, sapphire crystal, and exhibition caseback are first class. The Unitas movement shows well. This watch is a great value and a great looking pilot watch. I started looking into SwissPL after seeing references and pics of them on a forum. I think you have the greatest alternative to spending $10K for an IWC Big Pilot. The other watch I considered was an Tactical. Congrats on a great watch company and a great product. I’ll send you a pic when I get the new strap mounted.

M. Tando

I absolutely love this watch. The finish and feel of this piece is above the rest. I plan to purchase others, new to the watch scene and feeling the waters. There are a lot of choices. You do not find customer service offered very often like what you provide to your customers. Thanks Again for an excellent product.

B. Smith

I love the watches I’ve purchased from you. The quality and customer service have exceeded my expectations. A review for you in a nutshell is that your company has been able to deliver a watch that has, in my opinion, equaled watches costing several times as much, with the kind of customer care that is not equaled by those “expensive, name brand” companies. I have been singing your praises to all I know. One thing though, when will there be an Aviator Chrono available? I would like to see you offer one!!!!! I own both Rolex and Breitling watches, (not necessarily an indicator of my expertise), but, the watches I’ve purchased from you, especially the GMT have really caused me to question the the value of those purchases.

S. Lucci

I purchased the Aviator (44mm) and this is the only watch I wear daily since the day I received it. I was scared that the 44mm will look clownish on my skinny 6 1/2 to 6 3/4 wrist. But the watch fits well with no lugs sticking out of the wrist, feels almost understated. I like the clean dial and the strap is soft and supple. Love the lume. A good watch for a watch guy. My wife who doesn’t care about watches saw the watch and packaging and she said “this company has so much pride in their product, and looks and feels so much more expensive”. The shipping was fast, the customer service was great.

J. Sanker

I received my new Aviator today, with the extra straps, and to my surprise, the nice presentation box! I have to tell you that by far this has been the best customer service I have ever received. I don’t mean just for watches, but the best online shopping experience I have ever had; your communication is great and your shipping is flawless! Thank you very much.


I just received my Classic watch. I don’t believe there is a better bang-for-buck diver out there than this. From the solid case, sapphire crystal (with anti-reflective coating), to the solid endlinks; all the features are there with the finishing you’d expect from a watch at a much higher price point. The dial was perfectly printed and lume centered on markers, the hands have an even amount of lume, the bezel lines up perfectly with the hash marks. All little things, which add up when you start to get a bit more choosy in your ahem, old(er) age. Many thanks for the quick shipping, very user-friendly website, and great product.

J. Hartmann

Firstly a big thank you for your excellent service. I have the Aviator 44mm watch and I love it. I don’t let the watch out of my sight, now that I have it.

K. Randall

Honestly, after reading the reviews and viewing customer photos, I was still skeptical when I ordered my 44mm Aviator. My thoughts were that these watches simply could not be as nice as your customers describe for the price you charge. I am so very pleased that they were right and I was wrong. The watch is stunning, and has been on my wrist constantly since I purchased it. I am a collector, and have bought and sold 30 to 40 watches over the last few years. The Aviator is staying in the collection. I am so impressed with the the Classic I ordered on Monday, and have the Tactical in my future. My only suggestion is that you offer the Aviator with dial color options, white dial, brown dial, etc. I noticed a watch that was a limited edition for a Spanish Forum with a white dial, it was an amazing piece. Its a joy to work with a company that actually answers the phone, and cares what it customers think.  As I recall I never had an email from Omega asking me how I like their watches.

P. Newton

I bought two of your watches, the Aviator, and the Tactical. All are unbelievable watches. I was impressed with the images on the web site, but I was blown away when I started wearing them.  The size takes some getting used to, but these are the ones I wear six days out of seven: I have to break out the Omega and the Breitling occasionally to justify their expense. I prefer your watches. They’re easy to read, and they’re always noticed. Based upon my experiences with these watches and with your service,  I’ll be purchasing more from you in the future.

R. Jackson

The Aviator and Classic have been serving me well. No problems with their time keeping capabilities what so ever. Nothing but compliments when I wear them to work or while at the golf course. I first pulled the trigger with your watches about a year ago, and I haven’t looked back since. I will be looking to purchase my next watch in a couple of months, really interested in your Tactical model.

D. Leija

I learned of your company from a friend of mine who must own 30 or 40 watches and has purchased your watch and was very pleased. Relative to my recent acquisition I am extremely satisfied with this watch. The watch is good looking and accurate! I had it on just yesterday and several co-workers commented on the attractiveness of my timepiece. There is a strong possibility that I will be purchasing another watch from you relatively soon.

E. Kleckley

I purchased the watch as a gift for my brother. Service was great and I think the watch is beautiful. My brother loved it. I heard about you through a friend who has purchased from you as well. He spoke highly of your service and your watches. He is a HUGE watch enthusiast, so I trusted his opinion when it came to purchasing a quality watch from you.

A. Quintanilla

I’m very satisfied with the watch. It’s really beautiful and a great value for the price! Everything seems of the higher quality. Accuracy is very good too. +5 sec per 24 hours. This is really great for an automatic movement. In fact, better than my SpeedMaster!

P. Gaudey

My Classic is currently touring Tasmania with me, and never leaves my wrist day or night. What a great timepiece it is…. very happy with it! Cheers from Tassie!!!!


Received my watch over a month ago. I’m satisfied and impressed by this watch. It is very unique and distinct looking with unrivaled quality. I consistently receive compliments on the watch, and wear these over some more expensive watches that I own. Thanks to everyone.

C. Armstrong

I have two of your watches. I have the Tactical with a white dial, and I have the 44mm Aviator. I love them both. I get compliments on both watches and they are both quite accurate. I enjoy wearing them as they are both very comfortable. I heard about your watches on the internet. I probably got most of my info from forums where happy owners show great pics of their watches and that is what hooked me.

J. Glazer

I love my Tactical. It’s enormous but it’s also very handsome at the same time. It’s easy to read at a glance and is comfortable to wear, in spite of its size. I have a 7.25″ wrist, which is a fairly average wrist size for a man. I removed the leather strap that it came with and alternate between three Nato straps, an olive drab, tan, and bond. I plan on getting a 17″ orange Nato style diving strap so that I can fasten the watch around my motorcycle jacket. That way, while riding, I can take a quick glance and easily see the time.

S. Bentall

I opened my Aviator when I got home from a business trip on Friday…. wow, I really like it. You have exceeded my expectations… that says a lot! If you can find a 48mm Aviator during your journey to the watch motherland I would definitely be interested. I know it is a long-shot but I wanted you to know I am absolutely hooked on the current Aviator style and quality. Thanks again for helping me with this new addition to my watch family. I couldn’t be happier!

C. King

Just received my automatic and am extremely pleased with the watch. I would have to agree with some of your other customers, that hands-down you will not find a better watch than this with the craftsmanship and price that this watch has!

B. Huetter

The watch arrived a short while ago and I must say that it is absolutely gorgeous! It looks SO much better in person than any pictures on the internet or in the watch magazines I read. Very impressive! Everything about it seems fantastic and to me a great value.

Paul B.

I’ve had plenty of time to get settled in with my Classic. It’s an outstanding watch. I like the styling – the bigger dial and thicker bezel of the 42mm, and the bolder markings of the Classic. The curves of the oyster case are attractive – more so than the plain surface and cut-off edges of many similar watches. It makes the case look like it curves into the bracelet. I really like the weight and solidity of it. The crystal definitely resists scratches – I’ve banged it into things several times, and there’s no sign of a mark. And for an automatic, it keeps excellent time – it only gains about four seconds a day. I found out about your watches online, I was looking for a high-quality Sub-style watch, Swiss made, that was within my price range, and yours got consistently good write-ups, so I took the plunge!

G. Hayner

The Aviator hand-wind is amazing. I’ve got a collection of mainly mid range divers and high end Gshocks. This watch gets 10x the wrist time of anything else. The fit and finish is great. It’s been keeping great time. -5 sec/week on average to my untrained eye. I haven’t let it run down yet. I give it four turns before bed, and then to slight resistance in the morning. Everyone loves the styling.

R. Gage

About 2 months ago, I decided it was time to get my first mechanical Swiss watch as long as it didn’t break the bank, but I didn’t know if such an animal existed since I didn’t know too much about watches. I did know, however, that Swiss + mechanical = $$$ in retail stores. Although a brand name watch would be great, the asking prices weren’t appealing to me so I started to research if there were any independent watchmakers that made quality Swiss watches without charging inflated prices. I was looking specifically for a submariner-style dive watch since I like the way these looked. I came across your website after hearing about your watches in various watch forums. After some extensive research, it appears that your customers seem very happy with your watches. ETA 2824-2, 316L, sapphire crystal, solid steel bracelet, 300m depth rating – all huge selling points. I am pleased with my Classic.

Ed N.

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