I am speechless...

I am speechless...

There have been many times when I've heard folks say that they are speechless, but I never quite understood until now!! I am speechless. Or perhaps I am so impressed with the way you conduct business until formulating the word in the right sequence makes it hard for me to express my gratitude.

My age allows me to reflect on 'the way things used to be.' Too often I'm in despair because the business and customer relationship today has seemingly gone down the toilet. Then along come you. This is the way I believe transactions were handled in my youth. Each partner in the process did their best to honor an unwritten code of how things would progress. The buyer understood his responsibility, and so too did the seller. Of course things didn't always go as planned or as I'm portraying, but it was the ideal. Many honorable folks would rather suffer a minor loss, as you may have by adding extras, than to lower their standards for doing business. All the extras have been received with mixed emotions, but with sincere gratitude.

Your generosity is equivalent to how I see a 'baker's dozen'. Throw in the extra. Do as much, if not more than what's expected.

I love everything about my package. Thank you so much for being upright.

God bless you and you and all that's dear to you.

~ A. Davis