Foundation Partnerships

Timepieces Crafted to Tell Your Foundation's Story

Welcome to a unique collaboration where your Foundation's mission is celebrated in the art of watchmaking.

At SwissPL, we handcraft custom timepieces that do more than measure time; they narrate the impactful stories of our partners.

Thank you for the opportunity to partner with your Foundation.

Custom ENJJPT timepiece and custom flask
Custom bezel with crossed rifles
Custom Marine Recon timepiece in Presentation Box
Tactical watch custom edge engraving
Evolution of a Design
Custom Designed Casebacks
Custom 44mm Tactical for US Navy SEAL
Custom Tactical in Sniper Gray and Black

Designs Tailored to the Foundation

Our design process begins with your story. Each watch is a canvas for your foundation's mission, meticulously crafted to reflect your values and achievements. From initial sketches to the final product, we ensure that every detail resonates with the essence of your cause.

Designs tailored to the Foundation
US Naval Institute blue dial with Surface Warfare insignia
US Naval Institute 150th Anniversary black dial with Command at Sea insignia
US Naval Institute blue dial with USMC EGA
US Naval Institute 150th Anniversary black dial with Pilot Wings Of Gold

honor your institution with a watch that pays tribute

The Customization Experience at swisspl watch company

“On-target service and quality! SwissPL has been consistently engaged throughout the design process, delivery, and even afterwards, to ensure all my demanding requirements were met. Exquisite craftsmanship, attention to detail, and incentives exceeded my expectations.

Highly recommended to my friends, family, and anyone wanting a one-of-a-kind premium experience and product. SwissPL will be my go-to for all of my future custom watch purchases.”

~ Kyle Armstrong
Watch customization assembly snapshot. DLC-black 42mm Classic case with blue dial featuring USAF Command Pilot Wings and a jet top-view with ENJJPT logo.
US Naval Institute dial variation options shown
ENJJPT timepiece with leather strap and USAF Command Pilot wings.
Custom bezels featuring Crossed Rifles, or the USMC EGA. Many designs to choose from.
Banquet dinner celebrating a successful fundraising campaign

Empowering Your Mission Through Every Sale

Our partnership model is rather simple, for every foundation watch sold, 15% of the full retail sales price (excluding shipping, tax, and merchant fees) goes back to your foundation.

This contribution is calculated "off the top", ensuring transparency and significant support for your cause.

Foundation projects are priced starting at $1,350 for the 42mm Classic, and adjust from there based on options and upgrades selected. For reference, a single one-off  custom watch starts at $1,650.

Military team looking out over a valley

Achieving Success


The success of our partnership is built on our joint efforts. We supply the platform, and the products, while the responsibility for promotion and engaging with your members falls to you.
The active participation of your foundation in marketing initiatives is crucial for tapping into the full potential of our collaboration.
To aid in these endeavors, we will supply a wide assortment of promotional materials. This includes high-resolution images, intricate product renders, and captivating visuals, as well as animated product videos and persuasive sales copy. These tools are designed to empower you to effectively showcase the value of our products to your foundation members.

USMC Scout Sniper Association 44mm Tactical timepiece camera zoom

Simplified ordering


Our website simplifies the ordering process with a dedicated featured page specifically for the foundation - which offers comprehensive details about the watch models, including options for dials/bezels and caseback customization, all designed to reflect the essence of your cause.

Customers are invited to learn about the project and browse through the available watch models, including the Classic and Tactical, as well as the Aviator and Petite, should you choose to include them.

From there, customers select their desired watch case, design options, and upgrades.
US soldier ordering custom watch while on deployment
Once an order is placed, an automated email containing all pertinent details is sent to the foundation's contact person, ensuring a smooth, transparent, and trackable communication process.

The evolution of a timepiece design.

hands on service

We contact the customer with visual mockups to confirm the design matches what they had in mind - and before we begin fabrication, we send a production authorization form that summarizes the project for their final review and signature.
Production authorization form, summarizing your project for final review and signature approval.

These are some of the designs produced for the USMC Scout Sniper Association.

42mm Classic in DLC-Black with custom black bezel featuring crossed rifles and the punisher logo.
44mm Tactical in stainless with a concealed caseback design.
42mm Classic watch in stainless steel with leather strap
42mmdlc- black Classic case with green bezel
42mm DLC-black Classic case with red bezel and black leather strap with red stitching
42mm Classic in stainless with metal bracelet and additional logo @9 position
44mm Tactical case in black / stainless with green dial markers
42mm Classic case in stainless steel with metal bracelet and custom black bezel with crossed rifles and USMC EGA
44mm Tactical case in PVD-black and black leather strap with red stitching. Dial markers in white.
42mm DLC-black Classic case with leather strap and green bezel.
42mm Classic case in stainless with metal bracelet and black bezel.
42mm Classic case in stainless with custom sniper-gray bezel with cross rifles and USMC EGA.