We highly recommend that you do not leave the crown of your watch in the open or unscrewed position. If the watch is submerged with an open crown, this can damage the inside components by allowing water into the interior of the watch case.

The Classic and Tactical watch models are tested in our vacuum pressure chamber prior to shipping to assure all the gaskets form a water-tight seal. But this seal can only work, when the crown is tightly screwed in to the “secure position”.

When water damage does occur, and the watch requires servicing to be restored to its beautiful condition, this can on some occasions require a new replacement watch dial that is reprinted with your customized design.

Dial printing is done “old school”, meaning each color that gets printed requires separate art work and printing plates, ink mixing and plate alignment, test prints and then final printing – these are not merely popped out of an ink jet printer.

The cost for dial reprinting is $250 for the replacement dial, which includes the 1st printed color. Then we charge $150 per additional printed color required for your design.

If, for example, your dial design consists of: White, Red, Blue, Gold and Gray, this would be a 5 color print and the price would be $850 for the reprinting.