Celebrate your journey

What you add to the back of your watch is as unique as your journey, and the milestones you have achieved.

Therefore the design options for the caseback of your timepiece are virtually limitless - ranging from service awards and medals, to squadron logos and special deployment patches; then include your name, rank, service dates, tours, flight hours, carrier landings, winging date, callsign. And even a meaninful message from your significant other.

The idea is to make this watch truly yours; tailored in every way possible to make it a one-of-a kind timepiece - so that among a world of 7+ billion people, your wristwatch is 1 of 1.
Your caseback is crafted into a combined piece of wrist-art with individual meaning.

Most Complex:
To date, our most complex caseback design featured 14 patches and personal information.
Confidential Designs:
We have designed numerous casebacks with elements which are kept confidential and trashed from our computers and b.u. servers once shipped and completed. No worries, we don't have a "leaky ship".


We can design everyone's caseback using the same main graphics, and then change name / basic info.

Or we can provide individual caseback designs for the entire group order. Each reflecting the personality of the wearer, with their graphics, slogans, sayings, planes, patches, etc.

And in case you're wondering - we had one squadron where everyone had different weapons load-outs on their planes.... so detail is something we're comfortable with.

We have been working to develop techniques to offer "Depth Engraving", removing everything around the design, which leaves a raised detail area which attracts attention.

The process of course requires much more preparation before production and the actual production time is greatly increased.

• • • Custom caseback for Capt Winston "Slick" Scott • • •

retired NASA Astronaut & US Naval Aviator.

STS-72 & STS-87

Watch handcrafted by SwissPL in 2016