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The video presents the unveiling and comprehensive review of a bespoke watch, a collaborative effort between the USMC Scout Sniper Association and SwissPL, a specialized custom watchmaker. This limited edition timepiece, with only 317 units produced to symbolize the Scout Sniper MOS code 0317, is crafted to pay homage to the Marine Corps Scout Snipers' heritage. It serves as a fundraising initiative for the USMC Scout Sniper Association, marking significant milestones such as the association's 25th anniversary, the 80 years of the Scout Sniper program, and the recent decision to phase out Scout Snipers from active Marine Corps infantry roles. Featuring unique artwork by SSA Member Chris Bacon, the watch's design incorporates meaningful symbols like feathers and stars, echoing the values and storied past of Scout Snipers, including a nod to the legendary "White Feather," Carlos Hathcock. The watch offers extensive customization options, including case sizes, band choices, and personalized engravings, and comes with a special edition coin and flask, with serial numbers that can be matched for collectors. The unboxing segment highlights the exceptional craftsmanship, the significance of the custom elements, and the overall presentation, emphasizing the watch's packaging and included items like the coin and flask. This partnership between the USMC Scout Sniper Association and SwissPL not only delivers a distinctive and significant product for those connected to the Scout Sniper community but also supports the association through the sales proceeds.

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"Alright, hey everybody. It's kind of a last-minute thing. I wasn't sure when this thing would arrive, but I wanted to do this justice by creating a video. You guys can see me unbox my new watch, and you're like, 'Why do we care about your new watch?' Well, it's because we had this thing commissioned. The USMC Scout Sniper Association has teamed up with SwissPL, which is a custom watchmaker based here in the states.
They make a really good product, and they specialize in doing highly customized pieces for organizations like ours and then donating a big chunk of the proceeds back to that organization. In our case, 25% of the retail price, not the profits but the retail price, so if you paid say a thousand dollars for the watch, then $250 comes back to the Association.
That's a really good return on our money for no investment on our part.So, we're really grateful for Alldaron over at SwissPL for reaching outto us and partnering with us to create a really special watch."

**Background & Significance**

"Before I get into the unboxing thing, I just want to explain to everybody, you know, what this is about, why did we create a special limited edition watch for the association. There's a lot of things going on this year; this is a really big year in the history of scout snipers, whether you're aware of it or not. So first of all, you know, we're the USMC Scout Sniper Association, and this is our 25th anniversary year, so that's kind of a big deal for us.

On top of that, so this actually changed, but right now, to the best of our knowledge, the earliest that we can trace back for sure the term scout sniper and a specific training program for scout snipers, it goes back to World War II, and that is in 1943.
So that's documented, we have that documentation. There's a Leatherneck Magazine from October 1943 that has an article in it, a two-page article about the sniper scout sniper school at Camp Pendleton in California.

And, you know, there may be more information come to light in thefuture, but right now that's as far back as we can go, and that's 80 years this year. So it's the 80th anniversary of scout snipers."

**Challenges & Changes**

"And then to top it all off, you know, you got those two anniversaries, but this year in February, most of you who are part of the community are aware that we took a pretty hard blow. The Marine Corps and those who advise them in their infinite wisdom decided they don't need scout snipers in the Marine Corps anymore, and of course, we vehemently disagree with that. And there's a lot of folks that think that they've lost their minds, butbe that as it may, right now it looks like this is the last year that there will be such a thing as Marine scout snipers serving the infantry in the Marine Corps.
And so, it's the end of an era, right? There's still snipers in recon; they have recon sniper courses which is not scout sniper school, it's a different animal.

And then MARSOC has snipers, and that's also a different animal; it's not scout snipers, they're completely different, different training continuum, different group of people, different folks who are supported by those guys. So it's not the same."

**Artwork & Symbolism**

"And, you know, with these, you know, 25th anniversary of the association, 80 years of scout snipers, and this being our last year, we thought, man, we need to honor and recognize the importance of this occasion. And so here comes along SwissPL, and Alldaron talked to me about what they offer for customized watches and stuff, and some really, really cool stuff. And right about that time, I also was reached out to by one of our members, a fellow scout sniper by the name of Chris Bacon.
And Chris Bacon did a piece of art, and you're going to see that here just a minute when I open up this box and show you the watch. You're going to see that artwork, and the artwork is really symbolic of what's happening right now, and it references a poem from Greek mythology. It goes back to like 500 BC or something like that, and we'll get more into that later. But that unique artwork that Chris did is on the watch, and there's some other cool stuff on there."

**How to Get the Watch**

"So, without further ado, let me first show everybody how you can get one of these watches or at least take a look at it and see if this is something that you want to do. So the first thing you need to do is go to: USMC Scout Sniper Timepiece. You'll see this artwork that I was talking about that Chris Bacon did. Because it's round, it fits really nicely on the back of a watch,and this is a limited edition timepiece. We're only making 317 of themin honor of the MOS 0317. And there's an overview here that describeswhat it's all about and what's going on. It tells you what your optionsare. You can get the 44mm Tactical case or the42mm Classic, which is what I chose. And there are some otheroptions and things like that. It tells you a little bit more about it,got some cool pictures of World War II Marine scout snipers, you know,and then some cool pictures of the watch. If you're an old guy like meand you came up as an 8541, you can have that added to the dial at noextra cost.
"Andyou can choose different watch hands depending on your model, different stuff like that. There are customizations you can do to the case back engraving. So in the example here, it just says 'Rank John "Callsign" Smith' - so you can have your name, your callsign, whatever information you want there. And then there's also an area down here at the bottom where you can have some other text. For example, you could put your scout sniper school class graduation date or something like that. And you know, whatever is important to you, you can have that added around the outside of the image. And they got payment options and tell us more about the specific models, the 4mm Tactical, and on the Tactical, you can get some edge text engraving, so you can have 'One shot, one kill,' 'Death from afar,' or some customized text on the edge of the watch where you see that little graphic kind of going back and forth there.
So you could customize that if you want. And anyway, lots of cool stuff Just kind of scroll through and see what all the options are, the different color options, the band options. I got the black with a black metal bracelet, and I got the green bezel, so that's the color of mine. You'll see it here in a second when I open it up. And you know, more scout sniper stuff, blah, blah, blah. There are some accessories that you can order to go with it. He's come up with a cool flask and a coin that is, you know, got the same logo and it's commemorative of the event. And you can have yours, the serial number of your watch can also be on the coin so that they match, and stuff like that."

**Unboxing Experience**

"So anyway, without further ado, I'm going to go ahead and start opening this thing up because I know that's what everybody wants to see, is the box. So I already cut it open, and this is what I saw when I opened up the box. Let me move the stuff out of the way, and look at that. Okay, so there's my coin taped to the outside of the flask box, and let's see what we got here. Oh yeah, look at there. So it's got the SwissPL logo and all that, and the American flag on the one side, and then it's got the unique artwork, the Chris Bacon, one of our members, drew. And there's my customized name. You know, I'm the president of the association, so I just had that on there, and my term as president, and I thought that would be something, a cool gift to sell, if you will. And there's the coin. Again, it's got my customization on there, and then the flip side is the SwissPL logo. So now let's go ahead and jump on in here, just a second to clear some space on my desk. So it comes in a really nice presentation box, and you open it up, and here we go. Oh wow, look at this, this is cool. So it comes in one of these boxes with the fold-down front. Oh wow, that's nice. Yeah, so it's got a little plaque on there handcrafted for me and the year, and then there's some paperwork in here. You got, I got this card that talks about, you know, it being the end of an era, limited edition commemorative, and then on the back, this is the certificate of authenticity, and it's signed by me, the president and CEO of the USMC Scout Sniper Association, and Alldaron, the owner and designer at SwissPL Watch Company. And so yeah, it's, says this is to certify that this watch, serial number 0001 of 317, is part of the limited edition commemorative series manufactured by SwissPL Watch Company and is officially authorized and commissioned by the USMC Scout Sniper Association. And then it talks about how it commemorates these three significant events that occur this year, our 25th anniversary of the association, 80 years of service for scout snipers in the Marine Corps, and the unfortunate removal of scout snipers from active service by the United States Marine Corps. So there's that certificate of authenticity that comes with the watch. Looks like, okay, so it looks like these are just some brochures about SwissPL, which is awesome. And this is something new that they just came up with. If you're interested in buying a watch on your own, they came out with this new brass case, which is really badass. But this brochure talks about all the different options and things like that, and if you want something made up for yourself, feel free to give them a call. But then here's this other card, and this card talks about the design that Chris Bacon came up with. And so it's original artwork by Christopher Bacon, USMC Scout Sniper Association member number 1409. And he says he decided to use four simple feathers for several reasons. Number one, feathers in Native culture and many others have long been symbols of trust, honor, strength, wisdom, power, and freedom. And then two, to honor Carlos Hathcock, who was instrumental in ensuring the scout sniper program was made permanent after the Vietnam War, and his nickname was White Feather. And then number three, feathers relate to the moral of the ancient Greek Fable, the Eagle and the Arrow. There are four stars in the border around the circle, and each star represents one of the four Marine divisions that scout snipers serve in. The fifth star in the interior of the design approximates the position of Epsilon Crucis in the Southern Cross constellation. And the history of the Southern Cross in Marine Corps lore parallels that of scout snipers entering our symbology during World War II. There are four feathers. The feathers represent Marine Scout Snipers currently serving in each of the Marine divisions. The feathers are falling. This is a metaphor for having been discarded, which is the unfortunate truth. And then on the back, this is the actual Fable of the Eagle and the Arrow. It's an ancient Greek Fable attributed to Aesop. I think I'm saying that right. It is in his fifth-century BC tragedy, the Myrmidons. And it goes like this: An eagle was soaring through the air when it suddenly heard the whiz of an arrow and felt itself wounded to death. Slowly it fluttered down to the Earth with its lifeblood pouring out of it. Looking down upon the arrow with which it had been pierced, it found that the shaft of the arrow had been feathered with one of its own plumes. 'Alas!' it cried as it died, 'We often give our enemies the means for our own destruction.' The moral of the story relates to the dissatisfaction of discovering that one has contributed to one's own demise. It also serves as a warning against self-reliant pride. Both seem particularly relevant given the current circumstances around the decision to remove Scout Snipers from active service in infantry units in February of 2023. So that's all the story and the symbology and everything behind the watch. So now let's go ahead and open this puppy up. Oh wow, so that's just taped on there, this is a custom card. This custom timepiece was designed and handcrafted for me. Yay me. And let's open this bad boy up. Oh yeah, wow, okay. So this is very cool, really nice box. Here's a card that's got like instructions, how to wind it, how to set the time, some cautionary things about the waterproofness of it and all that kind of stuff, and so that's cool. There's just an, here's a business card for Alldaron, the owner of the company. Get rid of the silica gel here, we don't need that. Here is a, I've got wow, okay, so that's interesting. So I only ordered one bracelet, and here it is, this is the metal bracelet that I ordered, but it looks like it came with three bracelets. So it looks like he kind of went above and beyond, and I've got a rubber band watch band, and it looks like, yep, so the watch actually has a leather watch band on it, and then the metal bracelet is packaged separately because, you know, he told me ahead of time just, you know, you probably got to take it to a jeweler to get it sized. So yeah, okay, here we go. Yeah, that's cool. Oh look at this. So he engraved the Scout Sniper deployment symbol logo. Hang on while I fumble around and get the plastic off of it. So there you go, you can see the engraved Scout Sniper employment symbol right there. That's where it would connect to the watch. And then on the other side, there is, when I was a scout sniper, I was with the Third Battalion, Fifth Marines. And so there is the Third Battalion, Fifth Marines logo right there. That's cool, awesome. So you've got your little slot for that, got another little slot, looks like there's some tools here to be able to take bands off and switch them, and there's the rubber band, and now here's the actual watch. So let's, I'm gonna set my thing there so I can have both hands. Now look at this bad boy. Yeah, all right, let me get it off of the mount thing here. Oh yeah, that's beautiful. So look at the back, that's the back with the custom artwork and my customized name and stuff like that, and then here's the front. I got the green bezel, and I don't know if you can see it, but it's got, in the top part right under the 12 is the Scout Sniper employment symbol with the Southern Cross constellation from our logo. And then right underneath the center is our full logo and our name, and in really fine print, I gotta wear glasses because my eyes are bad, but it says 'Continuing the Legacy, 25th Anniversary' underneath that down here at the 6 o'clock position. And then 8541 is over here just underneath the date, and then the serial number is over here underneath the 9 o'clock position or above it actually, it's 0001 and then 0317, so it's one of 317. So yeah, that's very cool, man. And it's got the clicking bezel, it's got your screw down crown, really nice hefty leather band with the stitching. Yeah, this thing is really cool, man. Beautiful watch. So anyway, that's it. I would be remiss if I didn't put it on, so I'm getting rid of my old Seiko that my wife gave me for Christmas many, many years ago, and I'm putting this one on so I can model it because you all know I'm a hand model by trade, right? So there you go, look at that bad boy. I think it looks pretty good on me, makes me look better anyway. But yeah, badass watch. So listen, guys, this thing is, it's a fundraiser for us. I'll be straight with you, it's not just a great timepiece, it's not just something to honor the legacy of scout snipers past and present, it is all those things, but it's also a fundraiser for us. As I said at the beginning, Alldaron is donating back to the association 25% of the retail price for every one of these watches that sells, and there's only 317 of them going to be made. So if you're a scout sniper or you ever served in a scout sniper platoon, went through school, got the MOS, whatever, this might be something that you'd be interested in as sort of a keepsake of your time. And you know, with the impending doom of our MOS on active duty, you know, it's this is the appropriate time to honor that legacy. So these watches are pretty reasonably priced for something that's custom like this. It's a good quality watch. It feels great on my wrist. Oh look at that, the time is correct already. He set it to the correct time before he mailed it out to me, so yeah, that's awesome. Love this watch, it's beautiful, and I hope you guys enjoyed watching me unbox it and everything. This thing is amazing, just the quality of the packaging and the presentation and the craftsmanship and everything that went into it. Alldaron over there at SwissPL is doing an amazing service for us, for the association, and I also want to give a quick shout out to the guys over at Marine Reconnaissance Foundation. MRF has actually worked with Alldaron at SwissPL in the past, and they've got a line of watches for supporters of MRF as well. And you know, when I called them asking for a reference, I was like, 'Hey, you know, who's this guy? You know, who's this Alldaron dude? You know, are these watches any good?' all that kind of stuff. Those guys over at MRF had nothing but good things to say and were very, very pleased with all their interactions with SwissPL and the product that he puts out. And you know, he's, he bends over backwards to make the customer satisfied, so and that's, you know, that's all we could ask for, right? But guys, I appreciate you getting on here and watching, and that's really all I had. I just wanted to show you this thing, but go to Alright, that's our URL again, Click on the shop, top Tab, and it'll take you straight to our online store, and you'll see the very first item there is the watch. You click on that and have fun choosing your version and picking all your customizations and stuff. But these things are beautiful watches. We just started selling them. We didn't even really make up a huge announcement or anything. We posted once to social media a couple of weeks ago, and that was it, and we've already sold, I think, 16 or 17 of these watches. There will only be 317 made, so get them while you can and support your fellow scout snipers. But you guys take care, and I appreciate you tuning in. Have a great Fourth of July, everybody."