Art, Small Scale.

Art, Small Scale.

Not a printed sticker or some ink-jet decal glued to the face of your watch, this is art – small scale. Each color of the design is individually aligned and printed, one color at a time, to generate the graphics.

Additionally each color requires separate art-film, and printing plates; ink mixing and color alignment; test prints and then the final print on your actual dial – and – if that alignment was off for any reason, then… I start over. This is intricate and detailed in an attempt to bring you a singularly produced custom timepiece which reflects your journey and milestones.

We deeply appreciate your Dedication and Service! Thank you. It is a privilege to produce these timepieces, knowing the significance they represent. I am repeatedly speechless when I hear the stories behind the designs from the people that lived it.

Time for Your Story,
Alldaron Knewitz

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