F-14 Tomcat Timepiece

F-14 Tomcat Timepiece

Designed in our 42mm Classic watch model, this handcrafted F-14 Tomcat watch is from a series that was produced; we have a few models left.

Powered by Swiss quartz-analog movement with hour / minute / second hand. The date is located at the 3 position, offering easy view. The diver bezel is a uni-directional bezel with 120 clicks. The glass is made of sapphire crystal glass with anti-reflective coating on the inside. The crown is a screw-in type securing the timepiece to diving depths of 300m (1000 feet).

This was the plane flown in the original TOPGUN movie with Tom Cruise. They are currently filming a second one. To order your F-14 Tomcat watch, call 800-774-4980.

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