‘Got Your Six’ Skull & Trident

‘Got Your Six’ Skull & Trident

As the smoke clears from the battlefield, you gather with your brothers in arms, and give Praise to God for seeing you through another heavy engagement. The bonds formed from sacrifice in battle is not one that words can adequately express.

Your brothers defend you with their lives, laying it all out there to make sure each man standing next to them comes home, this is the chain link that ties these brave men together, to face overwhelming odds in horrible places, that we wouldn’t want to travel to. Your brothers have “Got Your Six” and you have theirs.

The Combat Skull & Trident timepiece features a 6 on the skull signifying the “God Your Six” mindset – the commitment, the camaraderie. The Trident signifies warriors in battle, the aggressive weapon which goes after evil in the world.

To find the inner strength to overcome all conflicts, no matter the odds, is what differentiates you from ordinary. The Got Your Six timepiece signifies that you don’t stand alone.

Here you see the video of the ‘Got Your Six’ Classic watch series.