Isle Of Man TT Timepiece

Isle Of Man TT Timepiece

Announcing a special collaboration project with renowned Los Angeles artist, David Cook.

He is a vastly talented painter, metal fabricator, sculptor, and all around sensational artist working with many varied mediums and formats. Unlike most painters that stick with only one canvas type, or one topic, David Cook spans a range as wide as the clientele he caters to. Working on traditional canvas, but also creating his art on vintage automobile doors and hoods; restored trunks and leather jackets, antique furniture and more.

David painted this incredible art piece called Isle Of Man TT for display at the Rock Moto Art Exhibition at the Los Angeles Vintage Motorcycle Museum.

Inspired by his love of road racing and the history of motorbike racing, which encompasses courage and dedication; he finds motivation from the most dangerous road race in the world and the road warriors which challenge themselves to overcome this course. Over 252 riders have died trying to tackle this race.

David Cook converted this incredible painting to a tiny format to be utilized in the production of a watch dial for a limited edition watch series called the Isle Of Man Timepiece.