Remembering Dale "SNORT" Snodgrass

Remembering Dale "SNORT" Snodgrass

With a heavy heart, we remember the passing of Dale "SNORT" Snodgrass, a remarkable individual who left an indelible mark on every life he touched. The loss we experienced on the 24th of July 2021 continues to echo in our hearts, as we reflect on his enduring friendship, inspiring persona, and unwavering commitment.

SNORT's significant contributions towards the establishment and growth of SwissPL cannot be overstated. From the company's inception, he fostered a nurturing environment with his consistent encouragement and critical insights, creating an integral platform for our focus on custom watch craftsmanship, and cementing the foundation of SwissPL.

His presence was pivotal during our first military convention. SNORT didn't merely occupy a space in our booth; he injected life into it, networking with attendees and creating an infectious enthusiasm that undoubtedly set the stage for SwissPL's future successes. We sold numerous watches at the event due to his direct efforts.

Furthermore, in our pursuit of building solid relationships with Navy squadrons, SNORT's instrumental role will never be forgotten. His tireless efforts and dedication were key to gaining the traction necessary to propel SwissPL forward in this endeavor.

In remembering SNORT, we celebrate not only a steadfast friend and inspiring individual, but also a fundamental contributor to SwissPL's growth and success. His legacy is an integral part of our identity, a guiding light as we continue to uphold the high standards he helped establish. I am proud to say, that in essence, one of the S's in SwissPL stands for SNORT - a testament to his lasting impact and the deep respect we hold for him.

In the coming weeks, we will launch a unique "Stories About SNORT" section, serving as a time capsule of memories. We invite friends, colleagues, and former aviators to contribute their personal anecdotes and cherished stories about SNORT, helping us commemorate this remarkable individual in a way that truly celebrates his life and legacy.

Miss you brother!! ~ Alldaron