You're Home, written by Diane Homm

You're Home, written by Diane Homm

~ written by Daine Homm

You simply moved from here to Heaven. You changed duty stations. Your deployment here is finished. You’re home.

I know you were welcomed with open, loving arms and the Lord said, “Welcome home my good and faithful servant. You have fought the good fight. You have finished your race!”

I know there was cheering and shouts of victory while angels sang, Hallelujah! I know a huge, ginormous crowd welcomed you with great joy and shouts and hugs and high fives.

I know your brothers in arms were standing watch at the gates and gave you the welcome only you guys can give to each other - with that knowing, with that special bond reserved for special brotherhood.

Oh, what a glorious welcome you received when you arrived home to heaven’s splendor of pure love, joy, peace, wholeness and beauty. You entered into Glory where the Son shines all forever.

It is possible, as your mom who loves you more than life itself, it is possible to rejoice and be in grief at the same time. For we may grieve, but not as those who have no hope. Our sorrow is but for a season, but  joy comes in the morning. True joy, forever joy will come when Glory is seen face to face, for all eternity. This is my blessed Hope.