Assigned to VF-33 under SNORT.

Assigned to VF-33 under SNORT.

I joined the Navy in 1990 when I graduated from AK "A" School, I was assigned to the VF-33 Starfighters under the command of CDR Dale "Snort" Snodgrass.

What an amazing Commanding Officer. He was very fair and took care of the men under his command.

During the air show season, NAS Oceana would shut down the airfield so Snort could go out and practice his performance for the upcoming weekend. Great times getting to see Snort do his air show routine.

After I got out of the Navy, I was living in Pensacola, FL and working at the airport. During one of the air shows, the civilian aircraft were parked at our location.

I walked in to the pilot lounge and saw Snort sitting in there. To my amazement, he recognized me from our time together. We had a great time talking about our time with the Starfighters. He even introduced me to Patti Wagstaff, the most amazing female aerobatic pilot in the world.

I will never forget my time with Snort.

Chad Weisinger
Former Aviation Storekeeper 2nd Class