Law Enforcement

Society functions on civility

In a community where civility is the cornerstone, it is the dedication and vigilance of our law enforcement officers that safeguard the tranquil life we cherish.

This tranquility, however, does not come by chance. It is the result of relentless commitment and tireless efforts of those who serve in law enforcement.

Day and night, these dedicated individuals stand as guardians of peace, ensuring that the principles of justice and order are upheld to maintain this society we have come to love, and expect.

And we often forget, these are regular people - our neighbors, our friends - who live normal lives, with daily struggles. Their commitment to law enforcement is a choice - to serve the community, not for fame or financial gain, but to help. A job which often comes at great personal sacrifices.

They deserve our gratitude and appreciation, because they perform a job most people wouldn't survive a week doing. And balancing that sense of duty to the community, with the weight of their responsibilities, is a task they carry with stoicism. ~ Alldaron

If you are more comfortable ordering on the phone, it would be our pleasure to speak with you about your design : 800-774-4980.

Celebrate Your Career:
Craft your CUSTOM watch with personalized details that reflect your professional journey.

We offer a collaborative design process, guiding you through the various options and accommodating as many design revisions as necessary to ensure your watch perfectly meets your expectations.

No worries - we are NOT going to rush you through this.
Design a unique timepiece that embodies your law enforcement journey. Start with your police badge, and badge number, then add to it with your unit insignia.

Enhance it with your precinct number, patrol car number, and significant career dates.

More than a watch; it's a tribute to your role as law enforcement. Call with questions: 1-800-774-4980 or email us:

Confidential Designs:
We have designed numerous watches with elements which are kept confidential, and trashed from our computers once completed and shipped. - - -no worries, we don't have a "leaky ship".

your watch - your badge

Throughout your career, your badge was more than a piece of metal - - - it symbolized your dedication. Wearing it was a quiet nod to the principles of law and justice.

It established a subtle link to your fellow officers - each of you part of the larger, unspoken commitment to serve. To stand guard over our society.

The badge wasn’t about individual duty or glory; it represented a collective effort with your fellow officers, a shared understanding of responsibilities, and the will to do what must be done.
It is a sign of trust and camaraderie, a simple yet powerful reminder of the community you are part of - the Brotherhood.

This custom SwissPL timepiece proudly displays the emblem you carried with honor throughout your service. Handcrafted with precision, it features your cherished badge, and career story on the caseback, achieving a seamless integration.

More than a watch, this timepiece stands as a personal tribute to your dedication and the sacrifices of your career.

Some designs to inspire

thoughts of your watch

the watch will feature your design

Days in the academy

Graduating from the academy marks a significant milestone in your journey - a testament to your hard work and dedication - but also a recognition that the work is just beginning. That unwavering commitment to this most noble of callings.

This achievement is not just about the knowledge and skills; but also the "ass kickings" and bondings that developed. A reflection of your resilience, your determination to serve.

As you step out of the academy, you carry the honor and responsibility of upholding the values and principles you've been trained to embody.

Congratulations on reaching this pivotal moment, and welcome to a future of making a difference in the lives of others.

Here's to the Brothers in Blue.

Stepping into a long heritage, feel the weight on your shoulders.


We can design everyone's caseback using the same main graphics, and then change name / basic info.

Or we can provide individual caseback designs for the entire group order. Each reflecting the personality of the wearer, with their graphics, slogans, sayings, planes, patches, etc.

And in case you're wondering - we had one squadron where everyone had different weapons load-outs on their planes.... so detail is something we're comfortable with.

• • • CELEbrate your career  • • •

Retirement is a milestone, marking both your past achievements and future adventures.
This handcrafted watch is more than a timekeeper; it's a personal narrative of your career, an heirloom worthy of being passed down to the next generation.
Each detail reflects your unique journey, making it not just a watch, but a testament to your life's work, ready to accompany you into retirement and beyond.