Marc Gonzalez

U.S. Navy Veteran & Law Enforcement Officer

Professional Photographer
I started my Naval career as an enlisted airman recruit straight from the very bottom. I have to say being a native New Yorker, I needed to learn a lot about discipline and my life needed direction.

Within the first year I had been to Captain’s Mast twice and it was that year and those moments that defined my future in the United States Navy. I learned when you’re told to do something, you get it done, do it fast, come back and ask for more. I’m not kidding when I say this method really changed my future. I became a 3rd Class Petty Officer in 2 years and tacked on the EAWS designation right before becoming a 2nd Class Petty Officer in my 5th year.

I went on to become a Navy Recruiter and from there picked up my Navy Achievement Medal for recruiting the most NUCS and then went back to sea where I became a 1st Class Petty Officer and Flight Deck Director. By my 12th year I wanted change and decided to end my enlistment prior to making Chief.
I then went on to Wall Street and believe it or not I pitched Jack Nicholson. I then moved on to become a real estate agent and broker for the next 14 years and then went into Law Enforcement. I served for a year and decided it’s time for change.

Now I’m an owner/operator and drive a truck, but I used this avenue to become what I love and that’s a professional photographer. I love to shoot photography and if I’m not spinning wheels I’m shooting my cameras, in fact I’m shooting right now.