metal bracelets metal screws

Although technology has taken us far in the world of time-keeping and manufacturing, some things still rely on good old human vigilance. Case in point, the metal screws used in our metal bracelets.

When we ship our watches, we mount them on a leather strap so you can instantly wear the watch when opening the box. However, when you go to get your bracelet sized by a jeweler, please indicate you wish to have the screws secured with LOCTITE. Most jewelers won’t do this unless YOU request it.

As with all things metal on metal, if you don’t add loctite, then over time the metal on metal friction can cause the screws to turn themselves out. If you wish to not use loctite, then you must periodically check the screws with a screw-driver to make sure they are snuggly turned in.

All major Swiss brands use loctite on their metal bracelets; Rolex recommends using Loctite 221 or 222 for screws on Rolex bracelets.