the Iron Rakkasans

The Iron Rakkasans, officially known as the 3d Battalion, 187th Infantry Regiment, have a storied history that dates back to their constitution on November 12, 1942, in the Army of the United States as Company C, 187th Glider Infantry.
They were activated on February 25, 1943, at Camp Mackall, North Carolina, as an element of the 11th Airborne Division.
The Rakkasans have distinguished themselves in multiple conflicts, earning a reputation for bravery and effectiveness in combat.
Over the years, the Rakkasans underwent several reorganizations and redesignations, reflecting their evolving role and the changing nature of military operations. Notably, they were redesignated as the 3d Battalion, 187th Infantry Regiment on October 1, 2005.

Heritage of Valor

Their valor in combat has been recognized with several prestigious decorations, including multiple Presidential Unit Citations for extraordinary heroism in operations ranging from Tagaytay Ridge to Iraq in 2003, Valorous Unit Awards for gallantry in actions in places like Binh Duong and Thua Thien Provinces, and Meritorious Unit Commendations for exemplary performance in various operations, including in Vietnam, Southwest Asia, Iraq, and Afghanistan.
The Rakkasans' history is a testament to their enduring legacy and contribution to the U.S. Army's airborne capabilities.
Their motto:
"Ne Desit Virtus"
("Let Valor Not Fail")
encapsulates the spirit and resilience of the Rakkasans, making them a symbol of military excellence and dedication.
Rakkasans design in 42mm Classic case
Rakkasans design in 42mm Classic stainless case
Rakkasans design in stainless 42mm Classic case
Rakkasans art-series design in stainless 42mm Classic case
42mm dlc-black Rakkasans watch
Rakkasan watch in 42mm dlc-black Classic case
Rakkasan design in dlc-black 42mm Classic case
Rakkasans art-series design in dlc-black 42mm Classic case
US Army soldiers with helicopter
US Army soldiers with plane
US Army soldiers with ship
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