Exclusive Tribute: limited edition USMC Scout Sniper watches.

Exclusive Tribute: limited edition USMC Scout Sniper watches.

I found out about this watch company off the Scout Sniper Association website and that only 317 watches would be made honoring the Marine Scout Sniper MOS, which is being eliminated.

Contacting SwissPL I found out that the watch had two versions and that they both could be upgraded from a Swiss quartz movement to a Swiss automatic mechanical movement.

These watches are also engraved with one’s personal service information. As there are only a combined total of 317 watches to be made, I ordered one tactical and one classical model. One covers when I graduated from Sniper School and received the MOS and the other covers when I was a scout sniper instructor.

The bezel ring was given a custom update to match the scout sniper theme. Both watches are extremely well made and have been keeping accurate time since I’ve received them.

Because these are so well made, I have now ordered another personal watch to cover all my service throughout my time in the Marines.

These Scout Sniper End Of Era watches are well made and are a true collector's watch. With only 317 being made, I’m glad I got two; because when they’re sold out, that’s it, no more.

~ K. Kerby, USMC

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