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We have been active in the Swiss watch industry for over 15 years, manufacturing precision diver, pilot, and tactical watches. We specialize in producing handcrafted custom watches, ranging from individual one-off timepieces, to company branded anniversary watches, to designing and developing a new watch case.

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F18 Seconds Hand SwissPL Classic Custom Watch

We create your custom watch

Your journey has created a unique history, one worthy of being told. We offer the opportunity to own a timepiece that we customize specifically for you. Encapsulate your very own milestones and personalize the design to Tell Your Story.

Now, let’s design your watch!

Classic 42mm

Classic 42mm SwissPL Custom Watch

Classic 35mm

Classic 35mm SwissPL Custom Watch

Tactical 44mm

Tactical 44mm SwissPL Custom Watch

Aviator 44mm

Aviator 44mm SwissPL Custom Watch
Jack Bauer SwissPL Custom Watch

Officially licensed by the U.S. Navy

We have been working closely with the U.S. Military for the past decade to produce intricately detailed custom watches of the finest quality for Aviators, Special Operators, SEALs, and other Servicemen.

The REAL Top Gun:
Meet Maverick Snort

Legendary F-14 Tomcat Pilot, U.S. Navy TOPGUN Aviator, renowned Air Show Performer, and inspiration for Tom Cruise’ role “Maverick” in the movie Top Gun:

Captain Dale “Snort” Snodgrass
Captain Dale SNORT Snodgrass, Legendary Naval Aviator [F-14 Tomcat TOPGUN Pilot] and Airshow Performer wears SwissPL to Tell His Story. Here SNORT is flying with his SwissPL Aviator Timepiece with Wings Of Gold. SwissPL is the combination of Swiss components and American craftsmanship designed to Tell Your Story.
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Existing Designs

Browse our ever-expanding collection of ready-to-go designs. These previous projects were converted to stock designs for easy purchase. You can select case color, bezel color, and the watch movement.

Wear it like Ron White

While we are very proud of our ongoing cooperation with the U.S. Military and Law Enforcement, we don’t exclusively make watches for Servicemen. We have incredible ambassadors from many different professions, all icons in their field. Explore their timepieces and the story behind them.

Ron White SwissPL Custom Watch
LT COL Martin River Rats SwissPL Custom Watch

Absolutely beautiful. If I were rating you in my squadron, I’d have to remark “Exceeds Expectations — Minimum supervision required.” My Bros at lunch today were “oohing and ahhing” but I could tell they were pissed.

LT Colonel Martin, USAF
COL Battaglia AF SwissPL Custom Watch

Love the watch! Exceeds my expectations. I’ll wear it proudly. Thanks for a very nice experience. Appreciate your attention to detail and always being available. You have a lifetime customer.

COL. J. Battaglia
Master Chief Behr USN SwissPL Custom Watch

“Perfect is good enough!” An original quote which you deserve …. well done …. approved. Can’t wait to see it!

Master Chief Behr
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